I’m Going to Nail Spring

Although there is snow on the ground, there was a day last week where I ventured into town, the sun was shining and the temperature was above 2 degrees and I this fleeting thought went through my head.


As much as I love autumnal clothing, layers, chunky knits and berry lips, I do like how the sun and the brighter days put a “spring” in your step (see what I did there) and everything seems to be a little bit better when its brighter.

I know it’s only February, and Spring isn’t technically until March/April, but I intend to make like Justin Timberlake and Bring Spring Back… yeaaaah, in the form of pastel nail polishes. There’s something about pastel nail polishes which makes me feel uber girly and pretty so I decided to kick start my collection with these babies…



Rimmel Lycra Pro – Peppermint
Maybelline Strong Pro – Lilac Charm
Barbara Daly – Pink Ribbon