Lets Play Nice

Every now and then I’ll receive an email, a tweet or a comment that absolutely makes my day and it constantly amazes me that someone would take time out of whatever they’re doing to be so bloody lovely. There was one today that literally left me catching flies at work because it was so damn lovely.

This isn’t a show offy “such and such said I’m freaking amazing, kiss that bitchessss” post – anyone who knows me will know that I get crazy embarrassed about receiving any kind of compliment and shrug them off while pulling a rather disgusted face.

If there’s one thing that puts a smile on my little ginger face, its random acts of niceness. A text or a phone call to say “I’m thinking about you” or just someone commenting on something you’re wearing, how you’ve done your hair, a blog post – they all seem like little things but in day to day life they’re the things that can make a crappy day a little bit more lovelier.

Everyone puts such an emphasis on Valentines Day and showering “the one you love” with heart shaped chocolates, cuddly toys, perfume and any other “forced upon” gifts you’re bombarded with as soon as you enter Tescos, but what about “normal” days.  Who said that you have to wait until some particular day to say “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE FRICKING AWESOME?” and who said it has to be someone you have romantic intentions towards?  Because I have so many amazing friends who deserve to be told that they’re fricking awesome!

Lets all spread a little bit of love and niceness, whether its in the form of texts, comments, emails, smiles or presents (I do like presents)

Happy Monday :)

  • James

    Very true words. I’ve always believed that if it takes valentines day to show someone, then that is a very sad relationship. It’s a good blog you write here

  • Kirsty

    This is a great post, I fully agree!!! Lets all spread the love! And therefore I honestly love your hair and your blog, both are fabulous!! :)

    Loves xxx