Let Us Now Praise Badass Women

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of wet look leggings for as long as I can remember and have spent many an unsuccessful shopping trip hurling myself trying to squidge myself into (and then out of) an ill fitting pair whilst making gurning noises inside a cubicle.  My problem was that the elasticated waist variety would fit just plain weird around the waist/ crotch area whilst the more “disco pant” variety once exposed to the heat of a fitting room made me feel more Ross from friends than cool, PVC leather legging wearing lady.

I tend to stay away from any type of trousers in Primark due to the fact that their sizing is so hit and miss (more miss than hit, lets be honest) and I often find that it’s not worth the time spent getting undressed in overly busy fitting rooms to just wind up disappointed. After the world and their dog raved about the Super High Waist Skinny jeans, I caved and dropped £8 on a pair of 18 and a pair of 20. Both technically fit size wise but I found the actual fit to be horrendous. Nope, no, never again I swore… that was until Terri wouldn’t stop banging on about the coated/leather look jeans from the same range for a bargain £13. Surprisingly, they fit like a super stretchy dream and I’ve recommended them to every single person that I know. Granted, they’re from Primark and only size up to a 20 (a 22 in certain items) so they won’t be for everybody, but I love them for wearing with super slouchy jumpers or this sweatshirt (which is actually a dress but super short) from Pink Clove or printed blouses for a tougher edge.

Givenchy recently released soe heavily studdled multi buckle boots and the high street exploded with “inspired by” takes on the style.  Topshop’s sold out instantly, River Island’s were in massive demand and even the likes of Matalan have released a more purse friendly alternatives.  Granted, they’re a little more “hello winter” than an almost April purchase but these studded numbers from Ego were too good not to snap up before they sold out of the style completely.  They look just as good worn with turned up skinny jeans as they would worn with a midi pleated skirt, basic white tee and denim jacket (I LOVE this take on the style).


  • It’s great when you find the perfect pair of pants, I understand the struggle. I adore the graphic on the sweatshirt, girl power! The boots are a big trend, I really want to get myself a pair, they’re cute and edgy.

    Tajinder | http://www.musicgeekonline.co.uk