Latest Skincare Saviours

The last time I was allowed loose with any kind of acid that isn’t of a cooking kind it was during a chemistry lesson in high school where I accidentally sprayed it all over the desk due to a dodgy pipette and caused the painted finish to bubble and crack.

Little did I know that at some point in the future the beauty world would be going mad over acid based beauty products for the purpose of exfoliating, resurfacing and hydrating human skin.  Yes, really.

If you’re a part of the beauty bubble these acid based products will be old hat to you now, but I still witness the aghast look of someone who isn’t so in the know when I mention using acid based products as part of a skincare routine.  One of those aghast few or in the market for some new skincare?  These are the products that  I’ve been reaching for over the last few months.


Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask:
REN have discovered a powerful combination of a fruit acid complex and papain enzyme, from the papaya fruit, that gives a gentle yet effective exfoliating peel. Helping to eliminate dead skin cells and minimise pore blockages, the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask reduces inflammation while healing and repairing your skin.
This mask must be the most talked about face mask in terms of results and people who sing its praises.  I sat on this sample of the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask* for a while after reading reviews which warned it may be a little abrasive for sensitive skin, which I have.  Eventually the intrigue took over and I applied it before an evening out to see what all the fuss was about and I was blow, a, way.
The mask itself is quite thick in consistency – it almost reminds me of honey and a little bit sure does go a long way – which is lucky considering a full size tube comes in at £30.  Almost immediately after applying I feel my skin begin to tingle and I know it sounds strange but for some reason “feeling” it work is half of the thrill for me when it comes to face masks… tingling, tightening, drying… I like to see or feel it to “believe” it.  10 minutes of sitting around dreaming of glowing skin later I wash the still tacky residue from my skin and my skin feels instantly smoother, more hydrated and glowing.
This mask most definitely delivers results instantly (as well as packing away further results which take over time)and deserves its much talked about reputation.


Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads:
Wipe away the day with these gentle cleansing pads enriched with salicylic + hyaluronic acids to deeply cleanse pores + provide long-lasting hydration for skin that appears plumper.  Witch hazel helps reduce the appearance of imperfections leaving the complexion looking smoother + refreshed.

 If you hadn’t heard of Nip and Fab BEFORE Kylie Jenner became their brand ambassador than I’d put my rent money is on you having heard of her by now.  Nip and Fab are renowned for their wonder products including their Glycolic Fix range.   I picked up these Dragons Blood pads up back in January when they were on offer in Superdrug after hearing amazing things about them (the whole “Dragons Blood” part sold me as well).

Remember cleansing pads from back in the day? They would be ridiculously astringent and the perfect thing to remove stubborn scuff marks from flooring – hang on, we put those things on our skin?! Those pads would burn my sensitive skin and leave my poor eyes stinging and streaming like a scene from after watching The Notebook.

Pads like these sit with face wipes as a lazy girls answer to skincare, but let me clear this up before we start,  these pads are nothing like face wipes or those pads of old.

The circular and slightly textured pads are enriched with Salicylic and Hyaluronic acids which work together  to deeply cleanse your pores and provide hydration which helps the skin appear plumper. They also contain skins best friend, Witch Hazel which helps to reduce redness and tighten pores.

I tend to use one pad for my entire face post cleansing making sure I concentrate on particular problem areas and allow any of the oily/tacky residue sink in to skin.  These pads are perfect for if you’re having any kind of skin wobble.   I’ve used them when I’ve had a few lumps and bumps under the surface or my skin has just felt “yack” (usually post PMS) and I’ve found that these pick my skin right up and help to clear up any breakouts WITHOUT drying the skin.

(They’re currently on sale in Boots at the bargain price of £4.97)

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel:
Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel is formulated with a unique energising complex infused with Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry Extracts to help revive skin’s radiance and even out skin tone. With Glycolic Acid, a powerful Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) and a Fruit Acid blend, the refreshing gel formula also refines and retexturises the skin’s surface, providing a brighter, more youthful complexion.
If the Ren Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask is the big momma of acid face masks then this offering from Suoerdrug is its baby sister. This is an overnight mask which you apply before bed – a thin layer of the thin solution will suffice which you sleep in and either peel of wash off in the morning using a soft muslin cloth.  Skincare while you sleep?Doesn’t sound bad.
For a drugstore alternative coming in at around £5.99 at full price, this mask doesn’t may not give you the same tingling feeling that the Ren mask gives, in fact, it doesn’t really give you much of a feeling in regards to tingling or tightening, but what I find this offers is super smooth skin and a brighter complexion akin to the Origins Overnight mask.