Avon Brow Glimmerstick

As part of my massive Avon haul (post coming soon), I picked up the Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Dark Brown. I’m a big fan of my HD Brow Palette and its been my go to brow product since I got it in the Carmine box a few months back. I did a whole post on my eyebrow “routine” which you can read here.

I’ve used pencils before to fill in my brows but I’ve never been a big fan – I always find the line to harsh or the colours are either too dark or too pale for me. I’ve tried the Rimmel brow pencil and one from MUA and they just didn’t float my boat.

This Glimmerstick from Avon is a great alternative to a standard “pencil” product. It’s super soft and not overly waxy, which lends itself to creating quite a natural and feathered looking brow. I find it perfect to fill my brows in quickly when I’m particularly rushed for time or if I’m on the go its much easier to throw this is my makeup bag than the palette and an angled brush. I also love that its a “twist up” system so there’s no messy needing to find a pencil sharpener (which I can never find!)

  • Kat

    This looks great – do they also do a light version? I struggle to find brow products that don’t make me look silly as my brows are so fair! :)

  • I really struggle with pencils for my brows, and my holy grail brow product is my Benefit Browzings. But I like that this is softer! It sounds great :) xo

    • Charlotte

      I got Browzings as part of a PR bag but it was far too pale for me, even though I’m ginger I still favour a slightly darker brow so I need to pick it up in a slightly darker shade. It was a really surprising product as I was anti-“pencil” products x