Jumping for Aztec Joy

Come the summer jumpsuits and play suits are all the rage. They’re lightweight, they’re a quick fashion fix (all you have to do is adorn your freshly pedicured feet with some bejewelled sandals and a kimono around the shoulders) and they come in a whole host of summery prints for those moments when the great British weather allows the sun to peep through the clouds (let’s not mention the having to get completely undressed in order to go to the toilet).

I’ve wanted to own a jumpsuit from for the last couple of summers for precisely those reasons mentioned above, but each time I’ve tried one on I’ve been flummoxed when I’ve looked in the mirror.

Being 5’8 and plus size I usually find I come across the same problems when it comes to buying a jumpsuit: the legs tend to be too clingy on my Amazonian thighs, the legs are too short and of course, the dreaded CT (camel toe) that no one in the entire land needs to see. Also, because jumpsuits tend to feature an elasticated waist to give some shape rather than just drown the body in fabric, the waistband sits on the smallest part of my body but then the makes the rest of the fabric cling around my stomach and pelvic area which gives the whole area a rather unflattering shape. That combined with the camel toe and the too short legs means that I’ve always declared jumpsuits unfit for Charl consumption.

Until recently. I picked up this jumpsuit from George at Asda a couple of months ago and it kicks all those previous qualms to the kerb.

This Wide Legged Jumpsuit comes in a chic monochrome Aztec print and has already been featured in Reveal Magazine as one of their top fashion picks for summer.  It has a heady 70’s style to it with the super wide legs, spaghetti straps, bead detailing to the neckline and a draw string belt on the waist.  I did end up sizing up in this from an 18 to a 20 purely to avoid the tall girl problem of camel toe – if you’ve felt the embarrassment of a play suit/trousers looking okay in the morning but after a few hours of walking/being active you find your vagina gagging on fabric you’ll feel my pain.  The wide legs mean that the jumpsuit doesn’t cling around the thighs and although it does have a draw string on the wait it isn’t elasticated so that unsightly belly fabric situation you get is eliminated as you can choose the “tension” around the waist.

I dressed my jumpsuit up with a black longline blazer from Simply Be and a white clutch bag to hold all my crap vitals.

The best news?  The jumpsuit is now in the George at Asda sale at for the bargain price of £10.  10 quid.