Jack Wills The Penrose Tote

jack-wills-penrose-rotes-dark-red-1Jack Wills – The Penrose Tote in Cherry Red*

I once read that if you wear over a size 6 shoe, then you’ll tend to be a hangbag gal rather than a shoe gal, and judging by the shelves and shelves on handbags residing in my closet and my size 8 boat feet , I’d render that statement completely true.

This mini Penrose Tote from quintessentially British brand Jack Wills is my new favourite baby, meaning my beloved “autumn” tapestry bag has been kicked to the back of the closet like Woody when Buzz Lightyear arrived on the scene. Made from premium leather which fills my nostrils with its alluring scent, the bag is a structured bucket shape with a detachable shoulder strap and antique gold furnishings, including an engraved plaque detailing to the front of the bag to say “this bag was made at Jack Wills, ain’t it pretty?

I’ve had a tote shopper previously (a ten quid job from good old Primark) but it was big enough to rival Mary Poppins neverending beasty bad o’supplies. The Penrose allows me to fit in all the essentials without the tempatation of leaving in the kitchen sink “just in case it comes in handy”.  What I also love about this bag (which now adopts his own train or bus seat as opposed to being placed on the floor like a common bag) is the lining – weird, right?  It’s a plaid affair on the inside of this bag so the “so winter it hurts” theme is carried right through to the core of it.

I’m considering doing a “what’s in my fabulously leather smelling bag” post for those nosey ones who care about what resides at the bottom of my bag (hint: a billion lip products for every outfit eventuality).

  • I found a bag in Jack Wills last month that I just cannot stop thinking about! I really do need it in my life ;)

    • Charl

      Maybe a massive hint for Father Christmas?