How I’ve Saved My Skin This Winter

My skin hasn’t been the best lately and that’s a bloody understatement.

My skin dries out, my oil prone skin produces even more oil to compensate for the gasping and dehydrated skin and BAM before you know it, dry patches, spots ahoy and a pasty complexion.

Between the cold weather sapping any and all moisture out of my skin (and hair for that matter), being laid up to the nostrils with a 2 month long cold, excessive alcohol intake over the festive period and a battle of air con and heating just adding to the diabolical mess that is my epidermis, I’ve looked like a dried out and shrivelled prune.

I’m sure you can relate.

There’s nothing that a painstaking application of Becca’s Backlight Primer and Rimmel’s Wake Me Up concealer can’t bring back from the edge but luckily for me, I’ve discovered some must have products that have helped to save my skin.


The Garnier Moisture Bomb range was released just in time for the big winter freeze ready to save the skin of dried out damsels in distress by delivering an overnight gel formulation which is quickly absorbed (told you my skin was thirsty) and leaves me with soft and plump skin by the am.  I don’t use this every night as I do feel too much too soon can over hydrate my skin – is that even a thing?

Tissue masks or sheet masks, despite making you look like you’ve walked straight out of a nightmare that would make kids cry, are the latest skincare innovation from South Korea who take their skincare very seriously.  Made of fibre, tissue or even gel, sheet masks are infused with super nourishing serum and come individually packed for a one hit dose of skin goodness to replenish dry, tired, dehydrated and lack lustre looking skin.

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea as some people don’t like how (pardon the word) moist they are upon application or the feel of them on the skin.  It’s a feeling I’ve adjusted to but it’s taken a while after being used to clay masks that dry out whilst you’re wearing them.

Sheet masks super easy to use, you simply remove from the packet and align the eye, nose and mouth holes with your own and smooth over the contours of your face, leave for 20-30 minutes, remove the mask and dispose of it and pat any remaining serum into the skin.  This makes them ideal to use whilst travelling or if you need a skin boost without the mess of a clay or similar mask that needs to be removed with water.

The Maskorea* line is inspired by a traditional South Korean 12-step skin care routine, but instead of the 12 steps (who has that much time on their hands?) these single use masks have a convenient three step treatment of pre-mask cleanser, serum-infused sheet mask and post-mask anti-ageing night cream. There are three different masks to target different skin issues: Instant Glow for dull skin, Too Many Late Nights for tired & dehydrated skin and Turn Back The Clocks for anti ageing skin.  I’ve been reaching for Too Many Late Nights for the day after seven too many G&T’s, a couple of tequilas and dancing till the early hours to old school pop music. If only I could turn back the clock for my hangover?

UK high street wise, Garnier Moisture Bomb, Boots Ingredients and Masque Bar have led the way with easily accessible versions of this Korean beauty must have but I’ve found that everyone’s favourite beauty treasure trove TK Maxx is the place to be to get your hands from various brands.  They’re a little pricier than the 99p I paid for the Moisture Bomb mask and are either sold singular or in packs of 3 or more.

Tony Moly are a Korean skincare and cosmetics export with super cute packaging and serious innovative technologies to target problem skin.  The I’m Real sheet masks are somewhat of a cult product and as such are available on the likes of Cult Beauty sealing their must have tag.  Covering the likes of vitality, calming, soothing and everything in between, these antioxidant-rich masks with real veggie extracts are some of my favourites for brightening skin (Broccoli) along with nourishing properties (Avocado).  These babies sell for £6 a pop on Cult Beauty which is ALOT for one mask but at £2 from TK Maxx and a little more than that on eBay, but they’re definitely worth trying.

Sheet Masks are great for long term upkeep of the skin and also instant boosts as and when you need them but if you’re looking for a quick fix, I have just the product for you… and you won’t BEE-lieve it.

With fans such as HRH Kate Middleton, Bee Sting facials are the the latest celeb lust have.  Using products infused with bee venom to work on signs of tiredness and ageing including lines, puffy eyes, pigmentation and loose tissue, these royal treatments usually come with a royal price tag, we’re talking hundreds. If you find this figure stings a little, then you’d bee best looking at Nip & Fab’s affordable alternative, specifically the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask. The formula is a gel consistency which is applied to a cleansed face for around 10 minutes. This doesn’t have the same tingling sensation of acid masks I’ve tried previously such as the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Mask instead the feeling is quite cooling. My skin feels tighter once its washed off and is a great if you have a night out planned and you need a quick face fix.

Which skincare products have you been reaching for during the winter months?

  • The moisture bomb!!! I knew there was something I wanted to pick up from Superdrug yesterday dammit!