FASHION || It’s Getting Cold & I’ve Got My Big Coat On

If I were to start singing “Power of Love” to you, snowmen and Christmas – what would you think of?

Last year the national treasure department store John Lewis melted the hearts of our fair nation with their epic love story in a TV advert.  Heart strings were pulled and those with even the coldest snowman hearts were warmed to see this love story play out in the interval of Corrie, X Factor and such like.  It left I, the unashamed cheerleader for romance, longed for a snowman to travel so far to bring me gloves and a scarf.  Its the simple things.

Now, a year later and Mrs Snowman may be as melted as our hearts, but John Lewis are still stealing the highstreet with their latest A/W13 collections.

The start of the winter weather begins the search for the perfect hat, scarf, gloves and the holy grail, the mecca for most women (after the boots)… the perfect winter coat.  When it comes to the perfect winter coat, I’m looking for 3 things:

Length – I don’t see the point in short winter coats, coats are meant to keep you warm and my derriere may have some jelly to it, but it most certainly wants to stay warm.

Versatility – I want a coat that I wear over anything, something multi outfit functional.  There’s no point me buying a coat which only goes with one thing in my wardrobe because I’m very anal about things matching (I can’t even clash gold/silver jewellery) and I wouldnt get the wear out of it.

Shape – I know a coat is worn over your “outfit” but that doesn’t mean it should be shapeless.  I want a coat that nips in at the waist and gives me a banging silhouette, I don’t have time to look like a boxy washer woman.  Sorry.


I fell in love with this Camel Patch Pocket coat from the Autumn/Winter collection from Phase 8 at John Lewis.


But the then, then I fell in love with this red one, and then the black and white one (and then the blue one) and then I decided that I’d maybe found a couple too many “perfect winter coats” and closed the site as I could hear my bank practically groaning at the realisation that it would soon be taking another battering.

And I haven’t even started looking at gloves, scarves and hats yet.

*posted in collaboration