Introducing…”The Ratells”

Hi, I’m Charl and I’m a musician-aholic.

If I was living in the 70’s I’d have packed up my belongings in a toolbox, donned my fur coat and hopped on board a tour bus Penny Lane style from my-favourite-film-of-all-time, Almost Famous.  Let me get this straight though, not in that groupie kind of way – no siree.  If you’ve seen the film you’ll know that the “groupies” refer to themselves as Band Aids.

“Penny Lane: We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids.”

“As I mentioned in my review of the 1975 gig in Birmingham, I love music.  I love live music and I love bands (of course, this is helped when the men are attractive and they have a guitar/drumsticks/microphone in hand, but don’t tell anybody).


I recently came across a band by the name of The Ratells on Twitter (god bless that social media site). a 4 piece Sheffield Indie/Alt rock band who’s Facebook bio describes them as being know for gigging on Trams, Train Stations and just about everywhere else (they haven’t gigged in my kitchen yet, which I’m quite disappointed about).  With  a sound variously described as “post punk indie pop”, “sparklingly melodic” and “epic”, The Ratells have gained the reputation as THE must-see band in the vibrant Yorkshire music scene and I’ll tell you this much for nothing – those folk up north in Yorkshire know their tea, so they must know their music.

As well as sounding pretty damn good and being rather pleasing on the eye they’re also a really “nice” band.  By this I mean, they take the time to reply to fans on Twitter (which can be a rarity), all of the fans – even the mental ones.  They have their very own Snapchat account (theratells) which features either a multitude of shots of Sam in bed, in sunglasses, drinking, in bed (never naked in the shower for some reason….) or videos of the lads being generally male like/drunk/busking out some pre gig harmonies on the streets of whatever town they’re invading at the moment.  They also asked for pictures from fans to feature in their video for their latest single release “Faces”.  This is the song that’s currently making up my play list of the moment (nestled right in there between The 1975 and some Nirvana – good company to be in I’d say).  With a killer hook line of “I wanna tie you down” which could come straight out of a 50 Shades of Grey book, I’m often found accidentally proposing a bit of kinky rope action as I sing along to this with my headphones in ears.

Go check them out, I’m going to link them up to the max below, because I can, I’m loving them, they’re everywhere that’s social and happening at the minute and they work god damn hard.

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