Instagram: Cake, Quizzes & Cosmos

If you follow stalk me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve been out and about just lately (and if you don’t follow me on Instagram – WHY NOT?). I’ve made a concious effort to crawl out from under my winter rock and get back into the blogging circle, visiting places in around my hometown and apparently, becoming a bit of of quiz wiz.

At the beginning of the month I enjoyed a sunny Saturday afternoon stroll with Dan to tsp. a (relatively) new coffee shop come cafe in my hometown.  After scoffing their home made Lemon Curdy Cake from the treats slab and Dan tucked into a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake, I downed my chai latte for a bit of a nerdy hour in the city’s museum and feeling like I was back in primary school again.  My first blogging event for a while was Afternoon Tea at Hotel La Tour with the lovely Amelia aka Queen of Afternoon Tea.  It was lovely to have a little catch up over tea and then onto Gas Street Social for a few G&Ts and mad dash to the train station after been caught in Monsoon like impromptu rain.  More bloggy/real life friend social plans came in the form of “Operation Lets Cheer Up Victoriawith my flame haired pal Terri.  The evening consisted of sipping mango flavoured shots from pretty China teacups and drinking homemade cocktails from jam jars with paper straws.  Pinterest chic if you please.  I met up with my uber talented photography friend Mel for some brain food and business planning at Rift in Hanley – complete with a Carrie style Cosmo.

My life calling came in the form of a Sex and the City quiz at The Exchange.  With winning I my mind I rallied up my Sex and the City troups (there were 4 of us which was quite a fitting tribute to “the girls”) and with the six seasons swotted up on and ready to take no prisoners we took on the rest of the teams under the quiz name Abso-fucking-lutely!  Of course, the big question is “did we win?”.  Of course we did.  A few 241 Cosmos later and couple of squabbles over answers , we were crowned the triumphant winners with 50 out of 50 correct answers.  In the words of Ms Bradshaw: Men I may not know, but SatC, SatC I know.

Dan got a new job (!!) which entails him working late nights on both Friday and Saturday nights (boohoo!) so we’ve been making the most of the time we see eachother at the weekends, even if it is spent laying in bed in the afternoon with the dogs and watching back to back The Following on Netflix. I took my lovely work chum and bloggy pal Lilly along to the Florida Tix 10th Birthday blogger bash at Island Bar in Birmingham for some Disney themed fun, flaming cocktails, a magical Florida tiered cake and a quiz to end all quizzes.  Bonus fun times came in the form of the beautiful Naomi and blogging buddy of old Charlotte – THE ultimate Disney fan who along with Lilly claimed quiz victory for team Diznitch Biznitch.

  • Those sweet potato fries look really good. I am a big fan of a pub quiz or two but have never been to a themed one like the SATC one. Sounds fun!