I Wish : Avenue 32

As I mentioned on Monday, I had a lovely little trip to the big smoke with some fellow lovely beauty bloggers to attend an event held at the She Said Beauty Head Quarters.   When I was first invited to the event, I had that one thought that I (and every other woman in the land) get when they’re invited anywhere – what shall I wear? I even have this thought when I’m due to pop to the local shop.


All of the above items can be found on the Avenue 32 website.

I’m one of those people who knows in their head what look they want to go for so when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit, I love looking for inspiration on all array of websites so that I get it “just right” (I’m like Goldilocks does online shopping).  This latest wishlist is exactly what I saw in my head, pretty meets tough, I love the florals v the toughness of the jacket and the bright blue bag just injects a little bit of much needed sunshine into the overall look.  And that bracelet… just, THAT BRACELET.  If someone would like to buy it me for my birthday, it would be much appreciated.

In other news, I’ve also been eyeing up some new headphones, the absolute glam girl inside me wants every single one of these babies from  Frends (prepare to drool) – but being practical, the fact that I don’t give my headphones any kind of loving care probably means that I don’t deserve them.

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  • Emma

    Wow I love the dress! It’s such a statement piece!

    Emma x

  • Michaela

    I also love the dress! This looks like a lovely casual outfit, perfect for the event!