VIVO Enchanted Palette Review

I came to the realisation last week that when it comes to make up, I’m very much sold by the names of products. Call me crazy, but the cuter sounding the name the more likely I am to buy even if the colour doesn’t suit me/I have one almost identical already with a less cute name.

I’d been eyeing up some of the new VIVO products at my latest Tesco when the Colour Block palettes caught my eye. I’d seen someone on Twitter (I forgot the name, sorry!) post a picture of the Unprotected palette which looked like a new alternative of the Naked Palette/NYX Nude on Nude/Stila ‘Into The Light’/MUA Undressed – there are so many palettes out there masquerading as the perfect “neutrals” palette. As a sucker for anything really, I thought I would pick up unprotected while it was on offer at a bargain £3 – unfortunately, they only had one left and I it was all smashed, so… I saw this beauty.

This palette goes by the name “Enchanted”

Enchanted is a more colourful palette that I would usually shy away from whilst hanging fiercely onto a neutrals palette, but I seem to have started to embrace a smokier eye and I loved the colours Falling, Going On, Chance and Truth for beautiful autumnal eyes. After using a few of the individual VIVO eyeshadows, I knew that generally the colour pay off on these are really good and they blend well and are complete bargains.   I was half sold on buying it…

& then I noticed the name of the palette and I was SOLD.

Why do I love the name of this palette so much?  It’s a bit of a sad reason.  Enchanted happens to be the name of a Taylor Swift song which just so happens to be the most bee-yoo-tee-ful song off of her last album. (ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO)

Even if the colours in this palette were colours that I wouldn’t wear in my life, I would still have stumped up the cash and bought it PURELY for the name – luckily for me the colours in it are all really wearable and perfect for autumn.

Have you ever bought a product PURELY for the name?