OOTD: I Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend

When I was asked by Simply Be to pick a couple of items to review, top of my list were these tapered Boyfriend Jeans.  I love the idea of a pair of jeans that aren’t my usual “dark wash bootcut jeans” which have long since been my denim uniform of choice due reading one of those “rules” in a womens magazine about which jeans you should wear to compliment your figure.  I’d kill to be able to wear skinny jeans, but I’ve never found a pair that flatter my amazonian thighs.  When I saw these boyfriend jeans I figured the relaxed style of them was the opposite spectrum of what I’m used to.

I find there’s something kind of sexy about wearing your partners clothes (well, when a woman wears a mans clothes, I’m not talking an Alex Reid/Roxanne situation).  Spending the day wearing “his” hoody that smells like him, or watching TV in his tshirt and a pair of his boxer shorts – there’s nothing that says togetherness more than that.

When you’re single with not a sniff of a man or his aftershave laced hoodie in sight, you actually have to go out and buy things that are retailed as being “boyfriend” fit.  It feels kind of pr0stitute like, as though I’m paying for the privilege of a man without any pen!s pleasure or a nice aftershave aroma.  So far I have a “boyfriend” blazer, a “boyfriend” watch, a “boyfriend” hoodie and no boyfriend.  Awkward.

I must admit, I’m a big fan of these jeans.  They don’t pull me in or make me feel like the glamazon that I do when I wear a trusty pair of bootcuts but the comfort of them over rules that completely.  I throw these on with a Varsity style tshirt and some pumps for dressed down cool, or dress them up with a pretty top and some heels like in the pictures below (please take a minute to drool over the shoes, they kill my feet but I love them – no pain, no gain)



You can pick these jeans up on the Simply Be website for £28.00 and are the perfect comfy denim alternative.

Just off to go and find myself some more “boyfriend” clothing items that don’t come with the hassle of having to pretend you care about football, silly” texting back games”, ball scratching or them farting in bed and their boy mood swings.

  • Laura Does

    You are SUCH a dish!

    In summer, I will pick anything with a “boyfriend” fit over all other clothing. If I must wear jeans (for the purposes of decency) I need them to be like this.

    Oh, and THE SHOES. Most excellent.

  • LOVE these and they look fab with your shoes :) x

  • ‘Ball scratching’ haha, there’s an image for me to have in my mind before I go to sleep!

    Jeans look gorgeous, so nice when you find a new style :)

    Claire xx

  • Mia

    The shoes and necklace really go gorgeously with this outfit, they look lovely! I love the print on the jumper too. I’m glad you found a new style of jeans, I need to start branching out on more styles, meep! :) xo