I Mean Business – GGS Business Cards

At the #bbloggersxmas party a couple of weekends ago, (which was my first big London blogger event, read my write up here) I was faced with something I had never expected to be asked for as a little olde blogger me – “do you have a business card?” *insert skeptical Charl face*

I don’t have a business card for my blog. Reason being? On a #bbloggers chat , I saw someone asking about business cards and on a whole the responses I saw were negative “how pretentious” comments so although the thought of a night spent getting all dorky on Moo or Vistaprint is something that would give a geeky person like me (I’m not even being sarcastic) – I steered away from it to avoid being pretentious etc.

After feeling very unprepared, and after being given beautifully designed business card after beautifully designed business card (and Gemma Button who had 2 designs – that b!tch) I decided to treat myself to my first set of cards.

I had my collection of cards for design inspiration, and I spent an evening before Christmas getting my geek on with Photoshop and bought myself a nifty little set for future events or to just look it and get my kicks from (Yes, I’m a loser, let it go)

My cards arrived last week and I thought I’d share with you the finished result …


I’m really pleased with them overall – I think they’re very “my blog” (I’m a sucker for everything having to match/having a theme) and the overall quality, speed of delivery etc was super impressive.

I picked up 500 of these babies from Vistaprint for a bargain price of £13.00 – and I got a handy metal business card holder for free.

  • Gemma Button

    Haha what a bitch I am;)

    Love them hunni, and what a good price, I might have to get some from vistaprint next time :)


  • Sandra

    They look great! I hope you get the chance to use them soon :)

  • Serenity of Beauty

    Love your business cards – very chic and funky :)

    • Charlotte

      Thank you honey, I really like them and I like that they match my blog too :)