I Do Believe That You Are Blushing

When it comes to blushers I’m afraid I’m a creature of habit. It’s rare that I’ll go out of my way to purchase a new blusher, they just don’t seem to be something I go gaga over (unlike lipstick or eyeshadow for example which I can’ seem to stop buying – it’s getting a little bit ridiculous now).

I have 3 blushers in my everyday mak eup bag that I alternate dependent on my mood. It may make me a naughty beauty blogger, but when it comes to blusher I don’t really have any “rules” about matching the blush colour with what I wear on my eyes/lips (bad Charl) I just do an eenie meanie minie mo type thing every morning.

The blushes I reach for on a daily basis are…

MAC Sheer Tone Blush “Tenderling” – Inspired by Meg @ lipssofacto this is the perfect barely there blush which is ideal for sculpting.  It’s also really hard to use too much of this so if you’re particularly heavy handed with the blush it doesn’t really matter.

Fashionista “New York” – a perfect pinky peachy blush.  I love this blush for its ability to give you that  glow without being heavy on shimmer AT ALL.  The finish on this is beautiful and it may be one of my favourite blushers of all time.

VIVO “Cinnamon Glow” – I love the VIVO blushers, I have them all but this in particular gives a really warm glow to the skin and goes especially well with with my colouring.I carry one of these about with me in my “on the go” make up bag as well.

Which blushers do you swear by?

  • Tenderling looks beaut! I actually find blushes really hard to wear, yet I have about 20?! xo

    • Charlotte

      It’s gorgeous! I do have LOADS of blushes but most of them get thrown in a drawer, I’m not brave at all when it comes to blush, I wish I could do a crash course in blushers ha x

  • I am the opposite I adore blush, it’s the thing I own most of. I love the look of Vivo cinnamon glow. x

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