I Can Tell The Way You Like it Baby…Supersized

There was a quote on the Daily Mail website (gasp, horror, abhor) from an interview with Hannah Simone who plays CeCe in New Girl..

(I love New Girl by the way. I’m beyond excited for it to be back on my telebox. Partly because I like to sing along to the intro music with a picture frame, and partly because I’m madly in love with Nick. I also laugh like I’m off my face on space cakes at Schmidt and I just want to morph into Jess. Her bouncy fringe, her flawless skin, her kooky but perfect dress sense – I’d even take a smidge of her mentalness. HOWEVER, do you remember the first episode there was a character called Coach instead of Winston? He was angry and shouty and hilarious, but then he disappeared and they just glossed over it then he never came back. That made me mad. Winston is still funny if you like that kind of thing, but I just love Schmidt. And Nick, oh Nick why you have to be a TV character and not know I exist? My life.)

ANYWAY, I digress. She was basically quoted as saying that curvy is just a polite word for fat.

I took to Twitter with this question & the responses generally levelled out to say “SHE IS WRONG!” Curvy doesn’t necessarily equal fat. You can be skinny and curvy, you can be voluptous, bigger and be curvy – but surely you get to a certain point where you’re not curvy, you’re just fat. I fall into the latter like a fat chick falling into a beanbag.

I aren’t looking for compliments, and I don’t want you to get all “omg Charl you’re totally not fat you just have big bones” etc – this isn’t what I’m hoping for (this is an acceptance post, not a cry for internet sympathy – promise). I was hoping that one day I’d lose all of this so called “puppy weight” and underneath would be this goddess like body with amazing abs, killer legs and arms like Jessica Ennis. A magical ugly fat duckling with a gammy leg turns into a beautiful and graceful white swan situation. Alas, the puppy grew old, had a great old life running round the fields, eating rawhide and licking his balls and has now been put down and me? I’m still left with thighs that touch at the top and the spare tyres of a Landrover. At 25, nearly 26 I think the time has come to face up to the reality that there’s only so many carbs you can eat without gaining an extra layer of flubber. And you know what?

*whisper* I’m kind of okay with that.

In an aesthetic way. (Obviously the whole Gillian McKeith “YOURE GOING TO DIE YOUNG” part of being fat isn’t particularly thrilling, and this is the sort of thing that spurs me on when I start filling my Tesco basket with greens and beans and I put on my trainers and head to a spinning class)


Aesthetically, the fact that I have a big bum and a big chest doesn’t particularly bother me. Of course there’s things about myself that I would like to change – I would like my bingo wings to be less wingy, I’d like to not have such square shoulders and I’d like my thighs to be less thunderous and more like Beyonce’s, actually…I do like enjoy cranking up the volume to Who Run The World (Girls…obviously) and jiggling my thighs in front of the mirror so I’ll keep the majority of my thighs. BUT then I think… I bet even Mila Kunis hates certain parts of her body, surely?  There must be something.

I don’t sob into the mirror every morning at my ability to pinch an inch* and I don’t seeth with envy when I see some skinny minnie shimmying down the street in her disco pants looking more Cara Delevingne than Nellie the Elephant.   Some people may recoil in horror when they see me doing my best strut down the street (yes, I’m a strutter – ESPECIALLY when I’m wearing headphones) “have you seen that horribly fat girl with ginger hair, goodness, she looks awful. I’d hate to see her naked.” I probably do look awful to these fatist, small minded and shallow dimwits BUT I’m funny as hell, I make an amazing cup of tea and I have a heart as big as my ass, so is my dress size really that important to you?

I look at some of the bloggers I’ve developed amazing girl crushes on over the last couple of months like the beautiful Georgina from Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, the sexy Hannah from Diary of a Poor Girl and the absolutely divine Callie Thorpe from The Corners of The Curve and they’re ALL plus size bloggers. All beautiful, comfortable in their own skin, confident..

Which is why I’ve decided that I want to expand my blog to try and cover fashion. “Fatty Fashion” as the adorable Hannah Bedford puts it. I love clothes, I love putting together outfits – I’m not the most fashionable person in the world but I like to think I can put an outfit together and not look like a Jeremy Kyle contestant, and I want to show people who also have junk and a half in the trunk that you can dress fashionably and that stretchy skirts and hoodies aren’t your only option.


I just need to practise my standing on one leg/staring at the ground mysteriously, standing with my hand on my hip pose and I’ll be right back with my first Fatty Fashion** post.

Laters bitches.

*maybe more than an inch

**thanks for letting be borrow your post name Hannah

  • Hooray hooray, I thoroughly look forward to these FF posts. Mainly because I will enjoy them but also because they will be very useful for my newest uni project: I’m working on a plus-size fast fashion retailer marketing plan. Right now my Queen is Gabifresh but I am hoping to broaden my horizons. I’d been meaning to check out Callie’s blog for a while and now is the perfect opportunity.

    • PS. I noticed you mentioned comments on Twitter the other day. I get most of my comments om outfit posts and very little on the ones I actually have something to say, so with your FF posts there will definitely be a boost in that department.

  • urmmm to much mention of Hannah in this post not enough mention of me, or any. :( I’m fat too you know. ;) love ya bitch. x

  • I love New Girl but I agree with you. I think confidence is beautiful no matter what your size may be. Im not saying I’m not happy with myself but I’ve always wished I had more curves and has gone as far as having my thyroid tested but so far nothing has helped so I guess I will just go on being happy with my flat butt:) xx

  • Love this!! Great post xx

  • Love your dress and necklace :)