The Hunt for the Perfect Little Red Bag

The Gucci Soho Disco Bag with pebbled leather, embossed logo detailing to the front, tassel detail and gold hardware is my current object of lust. It’s the perfect “everyday bag” which can take you from day to night. It’s sleek, compact, absolutely beautifully made… and about £650 more than my budget allows right now.

After becoming a vlogger/blogger favourite thanks to the likes of Lilly Pebbles, Tanya Burr and Niomi Smart featuring the bag in a rainbow of colours in their outfit of the day posts, and when I saw my friend Khila from Miss Budget Beauty had splurged on the red version of the bag, suddenly it was everything my wardrobe was missing. Funny how that happens, huh?

Much like a beloved red lip, a red statement bag is the perfect accessory to an otherwise simple outfit and it’s become my mission in life to find a more budget friendly version of the *too beautiful it hurts* Soho Disco Bag for my upcoming trip to Italy.

Moschino | Fiorelli | Furla | Marks & Spencer | Tory Burch | Michael Kors | Guess

As with most pieces high end pieces and those that become “Instagram famous”, it only takes so long until “inspired by” pieces pop up online/ high street for a fraction of the price and the trend filters down to the mainstream.  Of course, they’ll never be exact replicas but the popularity of the Soho Disco Bag has definitely made for an increase in red cross body bags that really make a statement.

I’ve picked seven of my favourites more reasonably priced bags in the search for the perfect LRB* (Little Red Bag) from Marks & Spencers to Moschino to tide me over until my luck comes in and splurging  £725 is acceptable.

via Love the Sales

  • Love the Michael Kors version! xx