The Hub by Premier Inn | Covent Garden Review

I’ll admit it, Premier Inn isn’t usually a hotel which excites me. There, I said it. It’s not because it has a bad reputation or because I’ve had an unpleasant experience, in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve always felt that Premier Inn are a brand that you can always depend on for value for money and service. The rooms are clean and fairly modern and you just know what you’re going to get. It’s safe, dependable and nice, a bit like a comfort blanket, but as a hotel brand they haven’t really blown my socks off…

Until now.




The Hub is an urban hotel concept from Premier Inn portfolio designed for those looking for style, location and comfort and can be found throughout London and in Edinburgh. The Hub is an uber modern offering of compact rooms, slick fittings and bold, contemporary art which feels a little reminiscent of the Citizen M hotels.

Although the rooms aren’t particularly spacious, they’re more than equip for a stopover or a long weekend. There’s wardrobe storage by way of space saving hangers and a down lit suitcase hidey hole under the bed helps to save you cluttering up your minimalist abode for the duration of your stay. The pièce de résistance in this hotel room is the bed. Fit for a queen (or the princess and the pea) this elevated bed is ginormous AND it has its own little HQ control panel built into the headboard.

Mood lighting? Blinds? Reading light? Fan? All controllable at the touch of a button. You can even light up a cheeky do not disturb sign outside your room for if you want to catch up on a few extra zzz’s the morning after. With a flat screen at the bottom of the bed, a mound of pillows at your disposal and a couple of complimentary bottles of water awaiting your arrival (sometimes it’s the little things), it’s an ideal place to catch up on TV before bedtime.


Gleaming chrome, brightly coloured tiles and floor to ceiling glass walls make up the bathroom decor and although it doesn’t offer the most privacy I’ve ever seen in a bathroom due to the aforementioned glass, it’s pretty damn swanky. The large monsoon shower beats mine at home hands down and they provide you with miniature bottles of old school Original Source lemon shower gel for a zesty morning wake up call or to wash the city off you before jumping into bed.

Situated on St Martins Lane, The Hub Covent Garden is as close to the action in central London as you could possibly want and makes it the perfect location for sight seeing, an evening at the theatre, a night (and early morning) spent in the many bars of nearby Soho or if you’re like me, in close proximity to work.



Automated check in means you can drop by whatever time of the day and simply enter your booking details into a computer to validate your room key and there’s also a breakfast area come late night bar, whether you’re after sausage and beans in the am or a gin and tonic in the pm (or the other way round if you so please?).

With rooms available from £69, The Hub Covent Garden is reasonably priced for its location but as with all London hotels the prices can fluctuate pretty rapidly so I’d definitely advise booking in advance. You’re probably looking at £109 for a midweek stay which still isn’t a bad shout especially considering the location and considering the dives I’ve stayed in in the city for much more expensive than that.

  • oh erm, wow! I was genuinely expecting to see a normal Premier inn room with the purple runner at the end of the bed but I’m honestly amazed at this. I’m exactly like you in that I’ve always relied on Premier Inn for a failsafe go-to if i’m ever struggling for somewhere to stay but this really does change things for future trips to London, Premier Inn Hub will definitely be on my priority list for checking availability next time I go!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog