How To Give Your Bras a Harness Overhaul

If you love the look of harness bras and that flash of sultry strap beneath an otherwise simple dress or cami top, fear not, you don’t need to head out and spend a pretty penny to fill your underwear bra.  Unless you’ve got small and humble breasts like Shakira, finding the perfect bra can be as elusive in a woman’s life as finding the perfect man.

It’s true.

To find a bra that fits, does your boobs justice and looks good can be hard work and if you’re investing more than a few quid, having to add to the collection can be a costly experience.

Hands up for example if you own a black and a nude moulded bra for everyday wear and a handful of pretty or lace detailed numbers for when your everyday bras are in the wash/you want that quietly confident feeling of wearing matching sexy undies/you’re on a promise?  Reason being, a good bra can cost upwards of £30 a pop and unless you actually WANT to spend all that extra gin dollar on an extensive DD collection, you can easily cheat the latest fashion trend with a one size fits all harness.

The likes of Vixen Curves sell a range of harnesses in different variations that can be worn with (or without) your regular bra.  Different colours, styles and fabrics can really make your existing lingerie pop and means you can give your undies and outfits a new lease of life by layering with your newly purchased harness.

I paired the popular Pin Up Harness from Vixen Curves with the DORINA Curves* Phoebe bra in black and nude lace from ASOS.  This bra is features scalloped lace detailing to the soft cups and although not my personal pick for everyday wear (I prefer a moulded bra to give the girls some shape) the wide band and supportive straps mean its super comfortable and looks absolutely beautiful.