Wanna Know How To Make Money Online?

“Money, money, money” Abba sung, “money makes the world go round” they say and to be honest, we spend a great deal of time at work tryna earn some pounds to pay the bills and bank roll a social life.  Seeing as a large proportion of our spare time is spent online, it make sense to make that time well spent lucrative, right?

I’ve rounded up a few of the best ways to put that wifi router to good use and earn some bucks.

So… Wanna Know How to Make Money Online?

Clear Out Your Closet

Well firstly, there’s the obvious.  Sell, sell, sell. Technology has come a long way since you had to bundle up your old wares into a box on a Sunday morning and stand shivering in the cold at 6am whilst people offer you 50p for a pair of shoes that you’ve worn once and cost you £100.  If car boots aren’t your jam, there are plenty of websites where you can list your items for sale, and I’m not just talking about eBay.  Apps like Depop, Shpock and Twickets are the perfect place to list your items for sale from the comfort (and warmth) of your own home at a reasonable hour.  Whether you’re listing old electronics, clothing or even concert tickets, make sure you receive payment up front and where possible pay through Paypal so your ass is covered.

Sign Up for Affiliate Sites

If you have a blog or a website, an affiliate link means you can cash in on your influence. Affiliate companies such as Skimlinks is a pretty simple service (once its set up) that turns product mentions or links in a blog post into an affiliate link.   Simply put,  if a reader clicks through and buys something on your recommendation, both you and Skimlinks receive a % of the sale.  Once you meet the threshold (Skimlinks in $10), you’ll receive an invoice and be paid via your preferred payment method at the end of each.   There’s also the option to create your own custom affiliate URLs to share on social or YouTube description box.

Become a VA

You know what they say, if you’ve got it… flaunt it.  There’s plenty of people who are prepared to pay for what you’ve got to flaunt, especially if you have a few hours a week on your hand and a particular skill set.  Virtual Assistants work remotely, usually in their pyjamas with a bowl of cereal and are hired for a number of different tasks and reasons, most commonly web based.  If you fancy yourself a social media whizz and can spare a couple of hours to build a technophobes social account or have an eye for copy editing, you could be earning yourself a few quid.  You can search for Virtual Assistant jobs via job type and the ad usually specifies the budget per hour or for the entire project and how long the contract is for or if its a one off job.  Easy money to make on a Wednesday night whilst watching re reruns of Pretty Little Liars, huh?

Cashback Sites

Fancy getting money simply for spending money?  Er, hello, which shopaholic woman wouldn’t?  Instead of shopping on the high street, dropping money on ASOS or switching energy supplier over the phone, cashback websites round up the best offers from popular retailers and offer you money back simply by shopping through them.  Quidco is the best cashback site that I’ve used and all it takes is signing up to the website and searching for the particular retailer when you want to make a purchase.  With up to 14% cashback from ebookers, 10% at ASOS and a whopping 20% at Zavvi, it really does pay to shop around.  The money then gets paid into your account and is withdrawable to your bank account.

Discount Codes

This one is more saving money than making money, but seeing as the pounds come and go from the same pot it’s kind of the same thing right?  Hands up if you’ve ever frantically searched Google for a voucher code before you’ve placed an order.  Hell, I’ve even ordered more pizza just so I can bag 40% off a £30 Dominos spend.  Honey is a Google Chrome extension that takes all the hard work out of the checkout process.  Hit the “H” symbol on the Chrome bar on the page you’d usually enter your voucher code and it’ll manually trawl the web to find you the best discount code to apply.

If you’re feeling lucky you can always you can always speculate to accumulate and chuck a couple of quid on the Euromillions for good measure.  Rather than queuing up behind old Doris in the Post Office with her 30 “could be a winner” scratchcards and 20 lucky dips, buy your tickets online and wait for the “you’re a lucky winner” email flash up on your inbox.  It might only be the grand total of a fiver you win, but who wouldn’t fancy a potential $1.6billion jackpot?  Not a sure fire winner but as long as you’re sensible and not spending your Netflix dollar (or y’know, rent money), £3 isn’t going to break the bank.