Holly Willoughby Very Collection S/S13

I’m one of those girls who has no problem whatsoever in admitting to developing a bit of a #girlcrush every now and then (all the time).  There are certain celeb ladies who consistently blow me away with their undeniable beauty.  For example, I love Taylor Swift for her cute as a button vintage style, brogues, pretty tea dresses and her signature feline eye/red lip make up combo.  I love Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten for her gorgeous ginger hair, amazing cheekbones, stunning eyes and her louder than life personality.  And the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce top my list for their undeniable beauty, their “we run this mothafuckin world” attitudes and their asses.

On the UK side of the pond, there is one lady who blows all others out of the water – her infamous curves were recently voted second best only to Miss Marilyn Monroe and I can lose hours of a day looking at pictures of her absolute perfection… It is of course the blonde bombshell that is Holly Willoughby.

Infamous for getting her voluptuous chest out in those jaw dropping gowns every week on Strictly, Miss Willoughby has gone from strength to strength career wise and is now the Queen of morning/daytime TV cosying up to the silver fox (and man of my dreams) Schofe on the sofa of This Morning.

There aren’t many women like Holly, as much of a woman’s woman as she is a mans woman, I find her to be the polaroid of perfection.  What’s not to love about her?  She’s funny, smart, absolutely drop dead beautiful and she looks like she could drink a grown man under the table (and fart the national anthem) without breaking a sweat and still looking like the epitome of “English Rose”.  My kind of girl.

With a couple of lines for Very already under her waist cinching belts, the Holly Willoughby Very Collection S/S13 is sure to be a hit and she recently showcased her curves in some of the pieces from the latest collection.  Feminine and floral but with a smidgen of femme fatale thrown in in the shape of body con dresses, I can’t wait to snap up a couple of these pieces, pop on my ruby red slippers, click my heels together three times and pray that by wearing said dresses I’ll start to look like Holly.  Here’s hoping…






I particularly love/want/need/HAVE TO HAVE the collared playsuit above – it would be perfect dressed down with gladiator sandals, perfect beachy waves and a cute bright lip or dressed up with killer heels and a neon clutch.

Check out the Holly Willoughby range for Very here.

  • Emily Parker

    Aw man why is she so god damn beautiful?!?!

  • Strange you mentioned Natasha Hamilton – I remember when Atomic Kitten were first about and I wouldn’t have looked twice at her. But I saw her recently and, dammit, girl looks GOOD! I don’t know what she’s done but fair play on her!

    • Charlotte

      Yeah! In Atomic Kitten the first time she looked a bit Scouse rough, but now – I practically lick the screen everytime shes on. Her cheekbones are insane and her hair. Kieron you’ve got me started now!

  • I want that playsuit. i will fight you for it. xx

    • Charlotte

      I couldn’t fight you Kat, you can have it :) x