The Highlighters To Light Up Your Life

Highlighters are a makeup bag secret weapon, they allow you to release your inner glowing goddess by injecting some light into the skin and also help to add structure and definition to the face. By highlighting some key areas (notably the tops of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose and your cupids bow) you can quite easily transform your face and bag yourself that super luminescent look favoured by models and celebs alike. When the natural light catches your secret weapon atop your cheekbones, POW – angels sing.

But which highlighters are the best at achieving that “lit from within” look without leaving you looking like a an overexcitable 5 year old playing with glitter out of an arts and craft set?


The highlighter gods truly blessed us with Dior Amber Diamond, a multi toned heavnly glow in a compact of the signature Dior blue packaging. As you can tell by the showing of pan on this beauty, I love it. It was the first high end product recommended via blogging that I had to have (thanks for that Tanya Burr) and although it was a little on the pricey end, it gives good glow. This is quite a peachy toned highlight which I often double up as an eyeshadow (I use the shades which aren’t hitting pan for this). I pull this out on special occasions now because I’m terrified about using it all up – they’re notoriously always out of stock.

This Beat the Blues from MeMeMe Cosmetics is one of the brands “hero” products.    You can use pearly pink illuminator like the Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator and mix with your foundation or do as I do and apply small dots of product where you want to highlight and then pat it gently in the skin using your index finger to blend.  This looks absolutely beautiful when blended along the top of the cupids bow.

The MUA Undressed Highlighter in Pink Shimmer is a much loved budget highlighter from the range avilable at Superdrug. This powder highlighter is pink toned and is super glowy on the skin – I can easily over do this, but when used with a light hand it creates a lovely sheen without being glittery.  The success of this purse friendly product (£3.00!)  has led to the release of Irridescent Gold – a champagne/gold toned highlight which may have been released to offer a dupe for another product in this post.


Mememe Angels with Halo’s Skin Illuminator* is a light weight moisturising illuminator in a squeezy tube which is bursting with light reflecting particles. This illuminator has a slightly pink tone to it and I’ve taken to using it in one of two ways: either by applying a pea sized amount all over my face as a primerdirectly after moisturising. When working with a light-medium coverage foundation it means the illuminating powers of Angels with Halo’s will show through. Alternatively when working with a heavier foundation I like to a small amount in before buffing into my skin for an all over glow.

The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer* is quite possibly the most talked about highlighter of 2014. Essie Button loves it, Vivianna Does Makeup loves it, Miss Budget Beauty loves it – I’ve yet to find a blogger who has used this highlighter and declared a dislike for it. Just think of this highlighter as the one where angels eyelashes brush the tops of your cheekbones and pass on the torch of luminosity to you. It’s shimmery without being glittery, it’s honey hued, it catches the light beautifully and it’s so buttery in it’s consistency. Could I gush more?


MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush was one of the first MAC products I bought without the guidance of the internet and it was only afterwards that I noticed that Pixiwoo herald Hush as one of their go to cream highlights and use it in numerous tutorials. The consistancy of this isn’t the softest so requires a bit of warming up with your finger tips to give it a bit of a movement and then blended on the usual area with your fingers or on the tips of a buffing brush gives a slightly dewy look.

So tell me, what are your favourite highlighting products & which do you use for those days when you want your cheeks to glow like they’ve never glowed before?