Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner


At the Birmingham Bloggers event I attended in December I received a sample of the Herbal Aloe soap in my goody bag.  As gorgeous smelling and soapy as it was, I’m not much of a soap gal – I stick to body wash and hand wash. When my Sister from another Mister came to stay Chez Charl (also known as “my house”), she brought with her the Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner that she’d raved about all over Twitter. Being the good blogger buddy that she is, she allowed me to try out hers so that I could experience the magic for myself & subsequently, bagged some of my own.

My hair had been feeling lifeless, dull and abused by the cold and rain that seems to be common place in the UK of late and no amount of hair oils, hair masks or my usual trusty shampoos were doing the job – until I lathered up with Herbal Aloe.

Herbal Aloe states that it is “rich in essential vitamins and minerals, infused with botanical ingredients and free from all harmful parabens and sulphates” and during an independent clinical strengthening and breakage study, it was indicated that when used together hair breakage could be increased by 90% after just one use.

Big promises.

This stuff is the viagara of Shampoo and Conditioner, I shit you not. My hair has been in the wars somewhat since a bleach incident in June where the ends of my hair were still badly damaged and would snap off when wet.  I therefore suffer from a lot of breakages. After just one wash with this my hair felt stronger even after just rinsing, and once styled felt thicker and looked visibly shinier.

I can not recommend this Shampoo and Conditioner enough, I’m so in love with it and its worth every bit of the £9.22 for 250ml price tag. They’re available to buy here.

Viagara for hair, try it and you’ll see.

* PR Sample