Happy Birthday Mummy Charl!


Today is Mummy Charl’s 21st* Birthday! Hip hip hooray!I’m sure that most of us love our mums, but sometimes we may not show it or realise on a day to day basis how much. I’ve no qualms about the fact that in the past, I haven’t quite appreciated everything she’s done for me (mainly down to those things called hormones and being a miserable, self involved teenager). But I have grown to realise the errors of my ways, and despite it not being “street” to say… I fricking love my mum.

1, She carried me around in her belly for 9 months, went through extreme pain and grossness to deliver me AND THEN changed my nappy, fed me, woke up in the middle of the night with me and all the other selfless things that mummies do for their kids.

2, She laughs at me. Not in a “point and laugh” kind of way, in a “you’re funny” way. Even when I’m not being funny she laughs and pretends that I am – that is love people.

3, No one makes a brew quite like my mum. Its always strong but sweet and her love of china cups always makes adds a bit of something something. Always has a biscuit or two in.

4, She has excellent taste in men, she’s the only other person ON THE PLANET who fancies Max Branning.

5, Even when it turned out that her first born child was ginger, she still brought me up and loved me like she would a normal child. What a woman.

6, She’s one of the cool mums. My mum is a babe. None of this elasticated skirt and twinset malarky, she still shops in Topshop – but manages not to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

7, I laugh at her. Sometimes in a point and laugh kind of way, but mostly in a “you’re one of my favourite people in the world and you make me laugh till I can’t breathe” kind of way. We have the same sense of humour which makes for lots of laughter.

8, No matter what my crazy, mental idea, she always, always, always supports me (except for the time when I was about 8 and I wrote her a letter to say that I wanted to be a famous singer, and that my age shouldn’t stand in my way because Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond were only young when they started singing and look how famous they were! Only flaw in that plan was that I can’t sing to save my life. #CRINGE)

9, She’s taught me so many things in life, aside from the trivial (but important) how to iron, cook, sew etc… she also taught me that “you only get one life”.

10, Don’t care how uncool it is, my mum = my best friend.

* she may be a tiny bit older than 21
** proper want to bust out a guitar and sing Mama right now.