Glow Baby, Glow Baby, Glow

If there’s one thing that I still haven’t mastered when it comes to makeup, its contouring. Being super pale means that all bronzers make me look like I’ve smeared dog poo up my non existant cheek bones, and that isn’t cute.  The one thing that I have mastered however is the beauty that is a good highlight.

Remember the theme tune for Aussie TV show “everbody needs good Neighbours”?  Scratch that, everybody needs good highlight.  I love a good highlighter to give me one of those Hollywood glows, like the sun is constantly caressing my skin and bouncing pretty lights off of the planes of my squidgy and un contoured face.

I currently have three highlighters that I reach to to give me that golden goddess glow on a daily basis.




 Swatch L-R Dior “Amber Diamond” / MAC CCB “Hush” / Daly Face Glow @ M&S

1, Dior Amber Diamond – a powder highlighter.  I’m not sure what it is about this highlighter that makes it so freaking amazing but I’m beyond obsessed with it.  This can be used sparingly in the day for a subtle daytime glow and cranked up a notch for a super shimmery highlight at night time.   I’ll be doing an indepth review of this soon, but for now be left with the belief that this highlighter is every inch as beautiful as everybody says (angels actually sing when I apply it!)

2, MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush – I picked this up last year on my birthday but have only just got round to using it properly.  This is a pearlescent pinky cream highlight.  Its not as frosty looking as some of the whiter highlighters and find that it adds a bit more of a colour to my cheeks and is a bit more subtle for daytime wear.

3, Daly Face Glow by M&S – I ascertained this from Terri Lowe on the journey home from the Birmingham Bloggers Meet.  It was a gift from Tereza to Terri, but I think I chewed Terri’s ear off about how beautiful it was that she gave it to me because cream highlighters tend to clog her pores (but I think it was mainly to shut me up I think – thanks Tereza and Terri!).  This is a beautifully creamy texture, not as dry as the MAC Cream Color Base so blends seamlessly.  It has quite a golden glow to it and reminds me of the Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow which I swatched a while ago – but at a snippet of the price.


  • The Mac one looks like it would be my favourite, I love the peachy tint to it! Another good one is Benefit High Beam if your ever looking for any more to add to your collection!

    Chels <3 HumbleHonesty