Give Me A Whisper & Give Me A Sigh

Once upon a time there was a girl with ginger hair.  At the ripe young age of 15 she met a boy with long blonde hair, a mysterious frown, a guitar and a love for music of the rock variety. The ginger girl fell in love with both that boy and the music he loved. He would play the guitar for her and make mix tapes capable of making even the coldest of hearts glow warm. He eventually fell in love with a girl with brown hair and took his guitar, his mysterious frown and lived happily ever after with the brown haired girl and had babies. The end.

The only good thing to come out of said love affair, was the ginger girls love for the music he would play for her. Nirvana, System of a Down, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, Guns n Roses, Three Doors Down, Eric Clapton… & the beat goes on. My dad, the Thin Lizzy & Black Sabbath fan jumped for joy at the possibility of my Westlife and Britney Spears CD’s being banished to the never never land (they didn’t – equal opportunities listener I am).

I love band tshirts. I had an REM one that I wore to death. What I don’t like about them is the fact that they’re all so… manly. High cut collars, scratchy fabric, boxy shaped – ain’t no girl got time for that. I saw this Guns n Roses tshirt in Primark of all places and whooped for joy, ran to the till brandishing my dollar and resisted the urge to get naked and put it on there and then. Nice fabric, a flattering cut (for an oversized tshirt), a neckline that doesn’t make you look flat chested and nice sleeves? All for the bargain price of £8? I’ll take it.charlgunsnroses
(Check me out getting my pout and my pose on in my bedroom mirror like a true blogger.)

YOU KNOW WHAT IRKS ME THOUGH? (Oh come on, there had to be a bit of a moan) there appears to be a recent trend among the teenage girls – and I’m not talking about the Geek/Nerd/Dork/Tw*t tshirts that seem to be everywhere (for the record, wearing some Clark Kent style spectacles and having a Twitter account does not maketh a geek). The latest trend appears to be band tshirts. Shops like Primark are making these band tshirts readily accessible to the masses/sheep – which is good on the whole, but what you get is people wearing tshirts just to look “cool” and coming out with sentences like…”I bought this tshirt because such and such from One Direction was photographed in the same shirt” – I’m sorry, what? Am I a miserable old lady?

It gets even more frustrating. As I’m about to pay there’s a teenage girl in the queue behind me, in her “I’m so cool it hurts” uniform of denim shorts, Doc Martens, lashings of black eyeliner, an oversized cardigan reminsicent of Kurt Cobain in the “Unplugged in New York” show and bee stung red lips. She turns to her friend, clutching the very same tshirt that I’m about to buy and say “I love Guns n Roses, Kurt Cobain was so hot”.

I wanted to insert my coat hanger into her eye.

  • Well.. maybe she had an attention problem and they were two different statements. I dunno, clutching at straws here.

  • I think I’d slap someone if they said that haha. I know exactly what ya mean there girl. So ironic that you posted this today – I’ve literally just been DIY’ing tons of my band tshirts. Love them but hate the generic fit! x

  • I saw a photo on a friend’s facebook once of him in Seattle with some sort of Kurt Cobain memorabilia and some stupid tart commented saying OMG I MISS U SO MUCH KURT. She was born in 1999.


  • Oh you made me laugh.
    I went in a few weeks ago and was jumping around with glee at the Ramones and Grateful Dead shirts (I bought both). I did say to my other half that I wondered how many people who’d bought said shirts could name either a member of the band or even a song.

    I’ve seen Ramones shirts in Tesco. I wish it meant that more people were listening to their music and less of the dross that is the current chart but sadly I feel that band logos are fast becoming a brand and Ramones, GnR and Nirvana are the main ones. It wont be long before we start seeing Blinks Smiley Face either I imagine.

    I’m now off to listen to ‘I wanna be sedated’. It fits.

  • This made me giggle because I know exactly what you mean! Great, witty post. I found you via a retweet on Twitter too so you’re 1 follower closer to 500. Good luck. :)

    Heather xx