Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream


Last year I had a brief fling off the back of a summer holiday with a couple of BB creams.  I was favouring both the MUA BB Cream and also the oil free version of the ever popular Garnier BB Cream.  Despite getting on with them initially, I soon returned to some full coverage foundations to see me through the autumn and winter months.

At the recent #NottsBBMeet I received a sample of the Ginvera BB cream.  Apprehensive about the “BB Cream” label, I decided to test this out on a Sunday (also known as the non church going people as myself as “thedayofnotmuchmakeup&rest”).  I was pleasently surprised by two things:

1) how brilliantly it covers.  Most of the western BB creams have the consistency of a tinted moisturiser, and this one in particular lends itself more to the Garnier Oil Free BB cream foruma than the MUA one.  Quite a liquidy consistancy rather than a cream, this stuff goes quite far and a pea sized amount does my whole face (and my massive moon forehead).  This offers a light coverage but works wonders by evening out skintone.  It also does my favourite summer thing of letting my freckles show through for that ultimate “its summer, I’m wearing a floaty dress, big shades and a floral crown round my head” look.

2) this is a one shade fits all wonder cream – “Nude” its described as.  You all know I’m what they call “fair” (or see through skinned, if we’re being honest about it) – on the back of my hand this looks scary, but once applied and blended into my skin it somehow sheers out and adapts to my skin tone perfectly.  Not just me, it also does the same thing on a friend who a lot more tanned than I am.  I don’t know how it works but its magic.

One other thing about this BB cream is the healthy glow it gives.  I’m quite wary of any bases that offer a glow or anything other than matte.  My oily complexion works with the “glowing” properties in such products and makes me look like I’ve been running a marathon and sweating in the rain.  NOT CUTE.  This delivers a glow to the skin akin to no other.  Hell I’ll tell you the truth –  I was asked by a colleague while wearing this if I’d been “upto no good” with a gentleman during my lunchbreak as I had a healthy “post coital” glow to my skin.   I can think of worse compliments.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is available from the Janiro website.

  • Bhavi

    haha amazing post. I have the same problem with BB creams making me look facially moist. (ew), this one looks like a pretty good’un, even though I figured just mixing in some foundation with my moisturiser does the same thing but better!

    Love your blog, it’s a hoot so I followed it on bloglovin’ xx