W7 Photoshoot Foundation


I was introduced to the W7 Photoshoot foundation by my favourite bargain hunter of all time, Terri @ Hello Terri Lowe. I feel like when you read somebodies blog regularly you can find “common beauty ground” from their reviews, and by looking at what they like and dislike about certain products you can identify how you might seek similiar qualities from a product. I think Terri is my foundation guru. Whenever she reviews a foundation and raves about it, I know I’m going to get something I like..

– paler than the generic Wosit shade foundation
– high coverage
– staying power

And thats what I got in from this foundation.

First of, this is a bargain. I picked it up for £3.99 (but I’ve seen online you can get it for slightly cheaper – but with P&P etc its hardly worth the difference) I bought the shade “Buff” which is the palest shade they do and its the perfect shade for my super pale skin. The foundation has a good coverage, but what I love about is it that its easily buildable without looking cakey, it sets with quite a dewy finish but not so much that it works against my oily/combination skin. With a dusting of my Stay Matte powder from Rimmel this stays put with minimal touch ups through a full working day (I start at 9, finish at 5 with half hour either way travelling) – so a good 9 hours.

What I dislike about this product is the same as what Terri mentioned and its the bottle. For £3.99 this foundation comes in a weighty glass bottle but like my beloved Revlon Colorstay what it lacks is a pump dispenser. With Colorstay there isn’t much of an issue as the actual foundation is quite runny so getting it out of the bottle isn’t a problem. This is quite thick, so even storing it on its lid doesn’t help with getting the product out, there’s some serious Heinz Tomato Ketchup hand shaking needed here (I’ve yet to try sitting on a washing machine)

For the price and from a bargain brand, its a really impressive foundation and I’ll be switching this up in my foundation routine with Colorstay.

  • Charlotte

    Lovely review, I just picked up this foundation today! Hoping for it to be good as I can’t afford anything more at the moment haha. xxx

  • jo

    Try it In the solid w7 foundation too it comes in a circle pot thingy think its called magic finish its really good .It’s just like the max factor solid but obv it lasts longer and is cheaper and u get longer lasting foundation . Its a all round really good underestimated foundation