Feet TLC

Seeing as though its supposed to almost spring and websites and blogs galore are filled with “spring” wishlists and new spring/summer stick, I’ve found myself wrapping up in my duvet, whacking up my heating and avoiding looking outside at the snow and scrolling through websites to look at sandals and pastel dresses.  After what seems like a millennium of dark nights, cold days, more pairs of socks than a high school girls bra/a David Beckham underwear shoot and the constant wearing of suffocating (but cosy) boots – my feet are in desperate need of some TLC.

My most neglected part of my body in the winter are my tootsies, I shan’t lie. But in reality they deserve the same love and attention that we give the rest of our body, after all they are the bodily part that carry me from A to B on a daily basis so I should thank them really.  Come spring (whenever it comes, if it comes) everybody is kicking off their Chelsea boots and facing the same awful “agh, what has happened to my feet” nightmare, this is not good when you’ll no doubt be needing to get them out in front of other humans.

I’m not going to get into the logistics of footcare because I know that some people aren’t a big fan, so I’m just going to nudge the below Wonder Foot products into your life in order for you to obtain the perfect summer pedicure and get your tootsies in tip top flip flop shape.


Body Shop Foot Scrub £7.00 
Heel Genius £5.99 
Ped Egg – £10.00 
Thirsty Feet Moisture Socks – £7.00 
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint – Dragon Fruit £3.99