Freya Ignite Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra

I’ve had the Freya Ignitite Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra* from BeauDame Lingerie hanging around in the back of my undie drawer for a while based on the fact that it’s the brightest piece of underwear I’ve seen in my life.

Out of habit I’m all about a padded bra, I like that bit of extra OOMPH and the shape that the moulded cups give to your figure, after all, we’re not all blessed with a voluptuous bosom (I struggle to get any kind of lift in that area at all) and an extra helping hand can’t hurt, right?  My first plunge (geddit?) into non padded bras was a Panache number I got at the Learn Your Fit day I did a couple of years ago.  The bra itself was beautiful.  It was salmon pink, lacy, a lovely wide band and shoulder straps to avoid any digging in and back bulge.  

The only problem?  When I wore it I was suddenly very aware of my nipples.  That’s right, I’m talking about my nipples.  Were they perky? Could you see them?  Did I look like Rachel circa the earlier seasons of Friends (cmon, it’s not THAT cold Ms Green!) Not only that but I also found myself being paranoid about my not so moulded shape and would stand with my arms crossed over my body to hide the bosoms.  The issue I had with the Panache bra though was that it gave me a slightly Madonna come-esque  bra shape which worked well back in the day on stage but doesn’t really work when you’re heading to Aldi to do your weekly shop.Freya-Ignite-Plunge-Balcony-BraThe neon yellow of the Ignite range with its ultra vivid startburst multi pattern with cool black contrasting embroidery is the perfect neon addition to your lingerie drawer for the summer.  The cups feature half lace detailing and super soft fabric that hugs your bosoms without any of the aforementioned cone look.  As with all of the Freya D+ bras, the band of the bra sits nicely against your torso to avoid that cutting in look and the wide shoulder straps don’t dig into your shoulders under the weights of your bosom.  The effect under clothes is a soft, natural look rather than the shape you’d usually get from a bra that is moulded. 

After getting over the initial nipple awareness I feel whenever I wear an underworld bra I soon found that non padded bras were super comfy and to a degree offered that “I’m not wearing a bra feeling” you can often find yourself longing for.  I in particular find they’re a god send when wearing little camisole tops as they offer a demure cleavage.  Im of the opinion that when it comes to camis less is definitely more.  Stick a padded and moulded bra with a hella lot of cleavage under all of that silky material and you’re bordering on a late night XXX channel rather than simple and feminine chic. 

The bottoms for the Ignite range size up to an 18/20, I tried the briefs and they came in a little of the small size.  Having quite an ample derrière I find that these just didn’t fit well for everyday wear but if you are blessed with an ass that just won’t quit like mine and can’t bear to wear mismatching undies then you should be all good to just lay seductively on the bed without worrying about a wedgie.

I paired my Freya Ignitite Underwire Plunge Balcony Bra with my Gok Wan for Simply Be houndstooth shape wear slip with neon suspender straps and black hold ups with band detailing from Primark.

  • I LOVE the colour and pattern of this bra! Excellent styling as well <3

  • I am such a non-padded bra convert. I don’t find padded bras anywhere near as comfortable anymore. And I very rarely have any Rachel Green nipple issues!

    Rachel |

  • Love the shaping slip! It took me a while to get used to non-padded/non-moulded bras but now I love them. I think they look fantastic under t-shirts to give a less … obvious … silhouette!

    C xx