Freya Deco Charm

Remember the time when I walked around wearing a 40B bra and would pray for the moment I got in the house so I could ping that bugger off of my body until the next day?  I would buy cheap as chip bras and focused only on the fact that they “looked pretty” rather than doing what a woman should and invest a bit money of thought and money into her boobs.  I would be left with unsightly red marks under the band, even unsightlier back bingo wings and the dreaded double boob affect.  Not a great look by any means.

then did that terrifying thing of being measured up for a bra, boobs out, cold hands and all.  My modest 40B were living a lie for the majority of their life and were actually a 38DD – bit of a jump there.  I’m by no means “gifted” in the bosom department, there’d be no mistaking me for 

The good news?  Once you hit D+ sizings most of the lower priced bras become obsolete and the quality of their DD’s goes up because they recognise that you need a little summit summit more than those girls who can go braless on summers days.  
Since then I’ve made an effort to add better fitting and better quality bras to my repertoire, no more ill fitting lace numbers and buhbye excessive back bulge.  
I’d heard big things about the Freya Deco range and so in December I took my first plunge into the Deco range by test riding the Deco in black from House of Fraser*.  After picking up a nude bra I wanted to add to a core collection of the plain colours before I delved into their collections of colours and prints.  I had to size up to my sister size of 36E as they were out of stock on the 38DD. 


Very recently the Freya Deco Charm* landed on my doormat, swathed in pink hot pink paper and looking like an adorable pastel set fit for the coming spring months.

The Fit 
 Wide band which eliminates the dreaded dig in you can get with a thinner band. Yes, I’m a bigger girl, I have rolls and folds and they like nothing more than to chow down on my bra strap. The wide waistband proves more than a mouthful for my body and sits flat against my back giving a smoother shape to my silhouette without the dents and bumps that can be caused by other bras. 
 The wider shoulder straps sit comfortably on my shoulders and I’ve found from both the Charm and original Deco that they just don’t give. I’ve had bras which are obviously weighed down by my bazookas and over time the shoulder straps can stretch out like the strap of a handbag does. It becomes thinner and less supportive which leads to little or support and leaves you with boobs a little more South than you’d have liked. 
I tend to go for a moulded cup, partly because I like the support and shape it gives and partly because when I wear a non moulded bra I feel like my nipples are out to play and feel very “nipple aware”. I know people differ in their preference for mouldings, some like a more natural look and some like a “hello boys” cleavage on a daily basis. I like something more in between for everyday and the Deco Charm is something I would go to for everyday but when I want a little bit of pretty.
For an “everyday bra” the Deco Charm has some adorable details including the grey lace detailing around the cups and band and bow detailing to the centre.   I paired it here with this oriental style silk robe from the David Emmanuel collection at Bon Marche. 
Have you tried the Deco Charm or any others from the Deco range? 
  • I love the deco range and practically live in it for every day t-shirt bras! Its one of the comfiest bras I own and I love the shape it gives my bust.

    You’re review is great and I love the colour of this set on you. Where is your robe from? I’m kinda lusting after it!

    C xx