Feck My Life.

Without overly ranting, the last couple of weeks have been an absolute hell. I woke up to the news that the server where Ginger Girl Says and all of my commercial design work/websites for customers had been wiped by the host company and that a whole years worth of work had been deleted and is unrecoverable.

Sound like a bloggers idea of hell?

Welcome to my world.

After being persuaded not to throw myself out of the window/stab myself in the neck with a biro/smash up my laptop – I chose to drink copious amounts of tea and eat a few a whole packet of chocolate digestives and after moping around for two weeks I’ve had to just accept that all my hard work has been pissed down the drain because of other peoples fuck ups.

WHICH MEANS, that I am having to start my blog again from scratch – which is an absolute nightmare and a mammothly daunting task….I actually want to smash the computer up writing this because it’s so god damn frustrating, BUT I’ve swapped the tea for wine and I aren’t feeling as murderous/depressed *sigh* so I’m going to try and rewrite everything.

Please bear with me and head on over to my Twitter page and send lipsticks and sympathy…


Onwards and upwards.