LIFE || The First Leaf Falls

Autumn leaves fall down like pieces into place

I’m going to commit a massive cardinal sin here, so feel free to lambast and boo me to your hearts desire, but… I’m looking forward to everything that autumn and winter bring.  In fact, fall ball autumn cannot come quick enough (its not often you hear a girl encouraging coming quickly – har har).

I love Summer.  I like long bright nights, beer gardens, BBQ’s and summer fashion, but on the same footing, I also hate it a little bit.  Its almost always a let down.  Its sunny when you’re at work so you’re sweating to death in your greenhouse of an office and the turns dull when you leave work.  You can’t sleep properly because of sweating to your bedding and you spend the whole night tossing and turning.  You don’t know how to dress because the day you wear your shortest skirt and no cardigan is the moment the heat tips over to thunderstorms and rain.  And finally, no matter what “waterproof” make up you buy, it always manages to slide off your face and leaves you with eyeliner on your chin.

No, no, no.  I’m an Autumn girl at heart.  Any season that offers me rust, tan, gold and olive tones as a colour palette and the option to drink mulled wine and eat puddings with custard owns my heart.

Much like I did a “Reasons Why I Love Summer”, I’m going to do a reasons why I love Autumn.


Autumn Fashion – I think if I were a vegetable, I would be an onion.  I love my layers.  Cardigans, vest tops, tights, skirts, socks, scarves – most of the autumn months I resemble Joey from Friends – “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”  Mixing chunky knitted cardigans with pretty floral dresses and a pair of flat boots is a wonderous thing. I’ve already dragged my knitwear to the front of my wardrobe and started perusing the shoe departments for my perfect pair of winter boots.  Or should that be pairs….?

Kicking Leaves  – there’s something kind of magical and also something that makes me feel carefree and childlike when I make my way through a crisp pile of rust and golden brown leaves.  Kicking my way through, completely oblivious to the fact that there are probably all kinds of insects scurrying around in the dry and warm as well as a dead rat or three.  But still, childlike, La la la and carefree.

Hot Beverages – I’m not really a hot drink kind of person.  You know how some bloggers are like “my fuel for life is tea” – that’s not me.  I rarely drink tea or coffee, in fact – I’ve only bought 3 boxes of teabags since I’ve lived in my house, which has been almost a year.  But come Autumn my belly longs for that Ready Break glow that a warm beverage brings.  Hot chocolate, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks (can you hear the angels sing?) and most importantly… mulled wine.

Smug Nights In front of the Fire – you know when you go past someone whos outside walking in the rain and you’re on a bus or in a taxi and you feel as though you should feel guilty?  I don’t.  I’m pretty smug like that.  Which is why I love those guilt free nights of getting home from work, changing into your PJ’s, taking off your make up and curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a film.  When the rain is beating down on your window but you’re wrapped up basking in the glow of the fire surrounded by punpkin smelling candles?  That’s heaven right there.

Autumn/Winter Holidays – October sees the start of the winter “holidays” (I’m pretending I’m American here, y’all) Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas – these are the holidays that make the year worth living.  I love dressing up for Halloween, wrapping up warm for Bonfire and huddling round a fire and watching fireworks with my family and the joy and festivities that Christmas brings (Christmas and Bonfire Night also bring mulled wine, see point 3)

What do you love about Autumn/Winter?

  • Autumn is my favourite season too! I’m a total onion – I’ve been rearing to drag my woollies out for weeks ha ha. x

  • laurgardner5

    I love fall because it’s a great excuse to drink hot coffee again! The colder weather always makes you feel like change is in the air – it’s a great time of year to start over or make new goals.

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