#FF Blog Edition – Share the Love

If you’re on Twitter you’ll no doubt be familiar with the Friday tradition of #FF. Every week I uhm and ah about who to give my #FF to, its like virginity all over again. I thought I would try and start a tradition where I #FF a couple of my favourite blogs of the week – by try I mean that I will probably do it once.

LETS JUMP STRAIGHT INTO EVERYTHING. (I’ve always wanted to say that)

Hollie @ Sex & Lingerie  – I started to follow Hollie after she posted a guest blog over on BigGirlsBrowse.com – I was instantly in love with her, her being a ginger n all, but after following her on Twitter I’ve developed somewhat of a girl crush on her. She has the most incredible sense of humour, she writes like a dream and I feel like she’s “me” in Nottingham. Or who I would want to be? Another thing I adore about Hollie is that shes such a strong and inspirational young lady, despite battling with health problems this year, she’s happy to discuss any problems openly to try and help girls going through the same issues shes struggling with. She’s always an absolute diamond on my timeline aswell as always being super lovely – and she’s one sexy bitch.

El @ AThriftyMrs – Anybody who is anybody on the internet knows who El is and I can’t believe it took me so long to discover her. Basically El is the queen of cheap – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Her Thrify and money saving tips are that of a classic 50s housewife, what she doesn’t know about a bargain isn’t worth knowing. El is a breath of fresh air. She has this amazing skill of being uber down to earth and approachable and she is absolutely. filthy. And I freaking love it.

 Louise @ Sprinkle of Glitter – I’ve only recently discovered Louise, and a particular blog post I read today has whisked her up to my much loved list. And its this post in particular why. I have muchos respect to Louise for managing to maintain a successful blog and Youtube chanel, be a wife, be a mommy to the gorgeous Baby Glitter AND find time to look so freaking fantastic all the time. The blog post I read today just upholds to me all that is so lovely about Louise. I read this post and it INSTANTLY made me think of the relationship that I have had and still have with my mum and it really resonated with something inside me (which is pretty rare for reading a beauty blog).