FASHION || You’re In Your Skinny Jeans Anyway

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to clothing. Nowadays you can give me a pair of tights and a dress and I’m happy, but once upon a time I was an avid wearer of jeans. Bootcut jeans & boyfriend jeans. I was at my most comfortable wearing denim and a pair of ballet pumps or some heeled pumps. Looking back at pictures, the boyfriend jeans probably weren’t my best look. Being bottom heavy the extra denim didn’t so much as “diguise my curves” they simply drowned and accentuated them making me look bigger than I was. Bootcut jeans with a flare on the other hand would flatten and pull in my stomach, accentuate the derriere and the flared legs would balance out my hips. I recently bought my first pair of skinny jeans after years of thinking that trying to squeeze my amazonian thighs into some skinnies would be something people would make a GIF out of for Tumblr saying something like “they’re called skinny jeans for a reason“.

vbjbrandimage source

An advocate of jeans (in particular a flared or skinny style) is the Queen V of fashion, Victoria Beckham (y’know, the wife of ‘I’m so hot I could melt the polar ice caps’ David Beckham). Victoria has a perfect pair of pins on her and she looks absolutely smokin in a pair of jeans. And her brand of choice? J Brand (available at Avenue 32). A celebrity choosing to wear your brand can only be the thing that dreams are made of for a brand and Victoria is often found stepping out in a multitude of styles from the J Brand collection (including “Love Story” as seen above).


Queen V is that avid a wearer of jeans that when her style guide “That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between” was published there was an entire section dedicated to jeans. The 4 golden rules according to VB?

1. “More than any other piece of clothing, jeans can show off your figure to its best.”

2. “Look for jeans that are cut higher at the back so not only do they not gape but also they don’t give you builder’s bottom every time you sit down.”

3. “Jeans that bag around the knees or bottom are a fashion disaster.”

4. “It is crucial to make sure your jeans are long enough.”

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  • Nikki (@gamergirl0621)

    I love my skinny jeans but since I started blogging I have grown more fond of dresses! The one thing I hate are bootcut jeans that are too short when worn with heels as they just flap around your ankles and look odd!