The Three Buckle Boots


 “Bills, Bills, Bills” sang Destiny’s Child.

“Boots, Boots, Boots” sings I.

If there’s one thing I have more of than handbags and lipsticks, its pairs of boots.  Heeled ones, wedges, flat ones, pixie ones, biker ones, comfy ones… I have an underbed storage bag filled with a variety of boots.  When the first raindrop falls I dash to town, usually Primark as they have an amazing selection of reasonably priced boots at the moment, and stock up on boots and ankle socks to see me through the wet n windy months.

I took the lead from the David Dickinson of the blogging world Hello Terri Lowe and turned to eBay to make a bargain boots purchase.  I was originally looking for these lovelies which had sold out at Hidden Fashion for a fiver (but they were selling on eBay for £20 upwards – WUT?) and eventually came across these buckled beauties that are incidentally nothing like the ones I was looking for in the first place.

What drew me to these boots instantly was the triple buckle detailing.  Not usually my bag, but I had been after some ankle boots with a block heel that had a little something something about them to pair with a simple dress/skirt for a bit of a statement.  The Three Buckle Block Heel boots (£8.99) come in a variety of colours, one of them being a black “leather” effect which admittedly look a bit cheap.  I picked the “suede” style in black which also come in a plum and midnight blue shades (which I’m still tempted by).  I would recommend sizing up when purchasing as they do pinch a tiny bit and the front is slightly tapered into a point, but on the plus side the heel height makes them fit for an all nighter.  They do feel a little bit bondage/Miss Dominatrix-y when I’m strapping my feet into them but they’re perfect if you are after a statement boot (or if you are actually a dominatrix I suppose).