FASHION || Simply Be #MyFirstVlog

This is a little bit if a different blog post than you’re usually used to seeing from me. Do not adjust your browsers, that is a YouTube screen and I am on it (what’s with the thumbnail tho? I had 3 to pick from and that one is my “bitch please” face, enjoy).

I was contacted by Simply Be to get involved with their #MyFirstVlog project – and since I decided that this year I would challenge myself to do some things that make my quake in my stylish yet affordable boots, I said yes.

I’m well aware that this isn’t the more stellar of YouTube videos – I’m not gonna be the new Essiebutton or Miss Budget Beauty. I talk a little too fast, my accent is diabolical (I’m from Stoke – what do you expect), I have the most expressive face in the entire world like it’s made of play dough and I’m not exactly a video editing whizz but, I did it.

Mock, like, comment, mute *hides for the rest of the year*

  • Julie

    Well done you