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I fell foul to the Primark curse of “going in for one thing and coming out with a bag of stuff” the other day, it’s the same sort of mystery to me as the Bermunda Triangle. I didn’t even go in to buy anything per say, I went in to return to something and came out with one or ten pieces. Nothing particulary groundbreaking in the fashion stakes, but I like being nosey at other peoples buys (particulary Victoria’s – that girl is always shopping).


A ready made outfit. This tapestry mini skirt is a practically perfect winter skirt, autumnal colours, a gold zip detail to the derriere, long enough to give you some dignity but short enough to flash your opaques, a steal at £5 and of course, you can never go wrong with a bit of tapestry.

The top is one of the Primark basics scooped neck long sleeve tshirts and are a bargain for £3. I have a couple of them already as they’re perfect to pair with skater skirts or for an extra layer when its so cold out your nipples could cut glass.


This cream cardigan is your standard grandad style cardigan, big buttons, chunky knit, cute pocket details… and I have about ten of them. They go so messy though because I practically live in them, so for £5 I couldn’t pass it up.

I also bought the gold triangle necklace because a) a girl can never have too much costume jewellery and b) it’s simple enough to wear with anything.



I love the range of underwear in Primark. Some of the bra’s are admittedly very much as useful as tying some triangular shaped napkins around your boobs with a piece of string (and ugly as hell) but the slightly more expensive Secret Possessions line offer some really pretty designs and aren’t a bad fit at all. This grey set is super pretty (the knickers sold it me, I have to admit) and I like the fit of the bra. The band is quite thick and has a 3 hook fastening which means it doesn’t roll up or dig into my skin and the straps are slightly wider than a normal bra to provide a bit of extra support.

I also picked up 3 pairs of lace french knickers because at £1.70 a pair you can afford to have a draw full of pretty panties for every single day of the month – I also think that anybodies bootie would look good in french knickers.


LASTLY, I picked up this “Style Your Own” necklace under the intention of making my very own “Ginger” necklace to wear alongside my beloved “Charl” necklace… that was until I opened it and it only has one G in the pack of letter. Gutted. I’m not sure if you can buy the letters individually or I’ll have to buy another necklace purely to get another “G” but that seems like a lot of effort.

Primark is filling up at the minute with all the Spring stock – lots of pastels and florals – I feel like Devil Wears Prada… “Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking” but I can’t help but feel panicked at the thought of losing all the layers and colour palette of winter.

  • Really cute skirt – I love the pattern and the underwear looks lovely, I’ve been positively surprised by the lingerie selection in Primark lately :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • Hahaha you can’t blame me, Primark is ace! I have been eyeing up that skirt for ages xx

  • I love the first necklace. I’m the same as you, I always go in for one thing and end up with bags and I probably don’t get the thing I went in for! Great blog, we should follow each other if you want :) let me know over on our blog
    Ellie xxx

  • Katy

    The stalker has arrived!
    Florals aren’t getting me excited either, I love tights and a charity shop jumper… and where the hell am I gonna put all my hats, scarves, snoods (HA)
    Bread and Beauty X

  • Love a Primark splurge! I ‘splurged’ on Thursday and spent the grand total of £7 on a hoodie and stripey top, pretty pleased with myself!