FASHION || Orange is the New Black

Handbags. I’m addicted.

Big, small, slouchy, structured, over shoulder, clutch, cross body – give them all to me. When I moved house I counted 47 handbags. 47. I’m not quite sure I need that many handbags but it’s not going to stop me from purchasing more. I have several tsatchels, more black clutches than a woman could have any human need for and a variety of “shopper” bags.

I used to favour a bag large enough to fit my kitchen sink in. For the majority of the time I would have my hand sunk to the bottom of the bag rummaging around for my house keys or a pen or a hair pin and during the course of the expedition I’d end up fishing something out of there which I’d lost a few weeks previously. My version of a “Whats in my Bag” YouTube video would be on for longer than an unedited version of Titanic as I pulled out receipts, a filofax, a purse, hairbrush, bottle of water, a clean pair of knickers (just incase), 16 lipsticks, 3 bottles of perfume, a cuddly toy… and my shoulder would show the signs as I lumped around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame struggling under the weight of my over filled Zara shopper.

It was then when I decided that my I didn’t need an armoury of possessions on my every move and I began to favour a smaller bag and condense my “on the go” essentials to the bare minimum.

Keys, phone, purse, lipstick, phone charger (because I use an iPhone and the battery is notoriously awful) and a Travalo.

That’s it. That’s where it ends. No filofax or chewed lid biros and receipts were confined to the bin or the safe confines of my purse. Bryant orange saffiano cross-body bag

Bryant orange saffiano cross-body bag

 I was gifted this beauty of a bag, the Bryant Saffiano Cross-body Bag in “Orange” from Harvey Nichols with gold hardware and sporting the iconic DKNY logo has everything that I currently need from a handbag as well as being the ultimate accessory for brightening up a summer outfit. It’s small enough to hold everything I need (sans le knickers) but it’s not so small that I feel like I’m carrying a childs handbag (I once bought a bag from the childrens department in Primark because I loved it so much but I felt like I was carrying the handbag of a Borrower). The long chain handle means I can wear the bag “hands free” over my shoulder or across my body leaving my hands free for on the go tweeting or to hold some beverage or another…or for taking pictures of my beverage cup, blogger style.

And its orange, and orange is close to ginger and anything that is ginger is okay by me.