FASHION || If You Never Take It Seriously You’ll Always Have Fun

After stepping tentatively back into the world of outfit photos last week I thought I would put my best foot forward and keep the ball rolling with some more pictures that were taken while we’ve been enjoying some rare summer sunshine.

I’m not particularly a wearer of jeans…anymore. When I was younger and much less confident fashion wise than I am now jeans would be my outfit of choice. Whether I was in the house, going for dinner, going out at night or meeting up with friends I would wear jeans. Stretch bootcut jeans in either stonewash or indigo paired was my idea of “wardrobe variation” and left my wardrobe unadventurous to say the least. Confidence is what would stop me from straying from my uniformed “bootcut rut” and as silly as it sounds, putting on a pair of jeans now takes me back to that place on my fashion timeline where I was uncomfortable with my weight, had no self confidence in what I wore and so would hide under jeans and tops which could easily have been tents. Sack of potatoes? I was.
nevertakeitseriouslyoutfit5I saw up these boyfriend jeans in the F&F sale recently for a bargainous £8.00 so I figured I would snap them up and stop being haunted by ghosts of denim past and slip into something a little more casual.   I paired the jeans with my new favourite wardrobe staple, this cream embroidered tassel kimono from New Look and this tile print cami in blues and pinks. I’ve not really ventured into this whole “cami top” business before even though they’ve been everywhere but I picked up a couple recently and they’re really easy to wear under a kimono or a lightweight cardigan to keep you easy breezy beautiful.  This hot weather ain’t nice to a plus size ginger.
nevertakeitseriouslyoutfit2This gorgeous patent quilted Zatchel* has become a staple in my summer wardrobe.  It’s the 11.5cm sized satchel which means there’s just enough room to fit your essentials (kitchen sink is not an essential apparently) and features silver hardware.  This bag with practically everything because of the nude colour which means I don’t have to run around the house switching over bags every morning to match my outfit.   I’m that anal about my bag matching my outfit, yes.
nevertakeitseriouslyoutfit3Novelty/summery shades? A choice bit of literature (this is the screenplay/script of my favourite film Almost Famous which was an uber thoughtful birthday gift from Momma Charl)? Serious pouty face? nevertakeitseriouslyoutfit4


Time for some not so serious** posing where I pretend I’m one of those real life supermodels who can pull off looking dorky and cute but in the end I just look dorky (and very denim).

*this beautiful bag was gifted to me for online promotion of Zatchels sale