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When it comes to jewellery, if I aren’t wearing some kind of statement necklace the only piece of “grown up” jewellery that I wear is my Carrie Bradshaw inspired “Charl” necklace and a bracelet which both my mum and I have matching (can I get an “awwwww”?).

The only time I’ve really been bought any kind of grown up jewellery has been from a boyfriend and (I’m sure I’m not alone here)  wearing jewellery from an ex can feel as weird as still wearing his old hoody. WEIRD. I have an assortment of necklaces and earrings hanging around my jewellery graveyard (aka my jewellery box, a little less caskety than you’d envision).


Celeste Pave Rose Gold Ring / Pave Diamond Essentials Necklace / Rose Gold Vermail  Charm Catcher Horseshoe Bracelet / Gold Vermail Charm Catcher Horseshoe Bracelet / Heart Charm / Horse Shoe Charm / Disc Charm

Links of London are running a Valentines competition where you have the chance to win a Links of London wishlist of your choice of up to £1000. 

 With Valentines rapidly approaching and card shops up and down the country are faced with men and women like picking out the perfect verse for their loved ones and men desperately pleading with jewellery shop assistants for their recommendations of which necklace should adorn their loved ones neck.

 The way I figure, jewellery is for life, not just for Valentines and if I tie a sentimental memory of a man to each piece of jewellery I’ve owned then I’m going to end up with my jewellery box overflowing.  Or I could start up an auction reminiscent of the one in the Sex and the City movie.

 That’s why my Links of London wishlist is kind of a “Happy Valentines to Me” collection.  Several classic pieces of jewellery with no male sentimental attachment which can be worn day in, day out (and can be accessorised with a variety of men). 

 This competition is open to the general public; for more information follow this link – don’t forget to use the hashtag #myvalentinewishlist