FASHION || Jumping Into Puddles


One of my favourite winter past times is jumping in puddles. Jumping in puddles and kicking up leaves. I find There’s some kind of rebellious feeling I get from stomping and jumping into puddles with muddy water splashing and breaking at my feet.

When the shine says bye and the rain says hi, trusty footwear of the summer has no place in your wardrobe. Your TOMs and Vans are soaked wet through and your pretty ballerinas are as much use as a Primark paper bag against the rain. There’s nothing worse than squelchy shoes to make you feel well and truly miserable.

You really do need to dress for the elements – but this doesn’t mean you have to forego style in order to avoid soggy socks and freezing feet.

I’ve been on the hunt for some puddle splashing boots which keep my feet warm but also look good (and there’s not an Ugg or ‘FUgg’ boot in sight).


1 – Evans, 2 – ASOS, 3 – Equestrian Clearance,

4 – Evans, 5 – New Look,  6 – Matalan

As you can tell, I’m very much a fan of tan boots, buckles, zips and turnovers.

Now to hunt down some super fleecy and toasty boot socks..

  • pompompom

    pretty boots :) but don t you think that boots wich have a zipper can t keep your feet dry ? in an over the toes puddle for example