It’s A Wrap

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When the cold weather comes around I tend to favour anything that’s oversized. Oversized cardigans, blouses, jumpers, scarves.  I swathe my body in fabric in an attempt to protect my body from the autumnal wind which leaves my teeth chattering and longing to wrap my almost blue from the cold fingers round a mug of seasonally flavoured coffee.  When I’m out and about I’d much rather be wrapped up in the warmth of my house with a blanket wrapped around me. When this isn’t achievable (because of the whole “partaking in life” thing) the next best thing is a poncho style wrap which seem to have flooded the high street of late.

Wrap up warm for winter and add a twist of bohemian to your wardrobe with one of these super cosy wraps which are essentially an oversized scarf/shawl. These are best worn loose around the shoulders for a laid back look or pulled in at the waist using a belt to add some definition and stop your frame looking drowned in fabric (this is how I tend to wear mine). The wrap I’m wearing in the above pictures was from Yours Clothing last year and Ive had so much use out of it. I adore the faux fur collar as it adds a hint of old Hollywood glamour… What screams elegance better than red lips next to faux fur? And it’s the ultimate throw on piece for a lazy dresser… I tend to pull on some skinny jeans, boots, a basic round neck tee and a chunky statement necklace and throw this over the top for a bit of glamour – or pair it with a pencil skirt for a bit of a Christina Hendricks twist.

Although Yours don’t have this exact wrap in at the moment they have a whole host of patterns and faux fur collared ones – including tartan print which scream “it’s nearly Christmas, grab your Baileys!”