FASHION || Gok Wan Shapewear for Simply Be

When I think Gok Wan, I think boobs, bangerz, bras and looking good naked. I think if there was one thing that Gok taught us it was that looking good naked comes from inner confidence. There’s a small issue though, being naked 24/7 is often frowned upon, particularly when you’re in public.

When fully clothed, we may need a little bit of help to make us feel every inch as fabulous as we do when we have our bangers and our bootys out, for that we have Goks range of shapewear exclusively for Simply Be.

gokshapewearsimplybeI love my shape wear – there’s something about pouring my jelly into some fabric and achieving a smoother and more streamlined silhouette which is instantly satisfying. For me shape wear isn’t about disguising your size, its about working with what you have and making it a little more refined – it basically does the same thing for my body as makeup does for my face.


Gok Wan Waist Slip – £32.00*

But lets face it, when it comes to shape wear, those massive pants and all in one suits can sometimes look a little bit *whispers* frumpy…however, the black and white houndstooth pieces from the Gok range are anything but, especially this super cute retro look waist slip which from the moment I wiggled into it and donned some stockings, I felt like Christina Hendricks in Mad Men (I didn’t particularly look at her – 1 out of 2 ain’t bad huh?).


I don’t have the perfect figure, I have wibble where I don’t like it (my belly) and I have wobble where I do like it (my bum). This slip does a great job of pulling me in, smoothing the contours of my body and making me feel great in what I’m wearing. I also love the sexy addition of the suspender straps – these made me feel a little bit Georgie from Fuller Figure Bust.


Gok Wan Shapewear for Simply Be can be found online here.

  • All I’ve ever done in the last 15years when dressing women is promote Gok’s ideals, it is all about the confidence and loving your curves. This is a great piece, didn’t know he dud shapewear but I’ll tell all my girlies about it. You look fab as ever, your wobble wibbles are lovely. X

  • Ooft, that bum.

  • Bum <3