FASHION || Gillan Battery Pouch

I love my iPhone. It’s practically adhered to my body like another limb.

When I say that I love it, what I really mean is that if it was a 27 year old single male, I would marry it to take him off the market because he would provide me with everything I could possibly need from a man. Entertainment, security, opportunity, communication… The only problem we’d have in our relationship would be his ability to “last”. What us girls need from our men and our smartphones is lasting power in order for us to enjoy them satisfactorily and as they’re meant to be enjoyed.

If you have an iPhone you’ll probably have become accustomed to having to carry a phone charger around with you at every given opportunity. Given that my iPhone decides that “power off” time happens anywhere between 26% battery life and 1% battery life (my phone is most definitely male as it changes its mind like the weather) my eyes are always transfixed to how much charge my phone has. If you have an iPhone you’ll also have the nose of a bloodhound for sniffing out plug sockets and have participated in a “table near a socket” stake out in Starbucks, willing a fellow mocha frapp drinker to drink up so you can juice up your phone.

Sometimes, despite it being the 21st Century, plug sockets aren’t always readily available or accessible and sometimes whipping your charger out can be rather frowned upon as you stand there holding the unmistakeable white cable, hands a shaking with involuntary iPhone thumb twitch. “My emails! My tweets! My messages!”

Whenever I plan a day out whether it be to a big city or even a full day of shopping my mind flits to thinking about how long my battery will last and what truck stops I’ll need to make to Starbz to get my fix (power, not caffeine). My battery is that treasured that I travel with my old iPhone 4S to use as an “iPod” to save valuable battery life and I’m forever switching on Airplane Mode. NOT SO SMART, eh “smart phone”?

Dscn1810The guys over at WOWTHEM gave me the greatest gift that anybody could give a social media and lipstick dependent gal recently, and it’s this Gillan Battery Pouch. What does a cosmetics bag have to do with my phone, you may be wondering. Well wonder no more. As well as being this gorgeous neon “so summer it hurts” pink colour (I like to call it Candy Yum Yum pink) and a home for all my “on the go” cosmetics (more to come on that soon) it also comes with a built in mobile phone charger.
Dscn1811Yes, you read that correctly. This makeup pouch comes with a discreet and powerful, rechargeable 3000mAh Li-polymer battery (meaning you get 1.5 charges from a fully charged pouch!) is crafted with premium genuine leather and a woven fabric lining. You quite simply charge the pouch using the micro USB cable provided and then use it when “on the go” to charge your device. The Gillan Battery Pouch is compatible with most micro USB devices (e.g. Android, BlackBerry, Samsung, Amazon Kindle, Galaxy Tab) and with Apple devices using an adapter – I had to use the adaptor with my iPhone 5. Simple as that.
DSCN1813Seeing as I can’t make it through a full day at work without charging my phone (at least once)  I’ve simply switched my usual cosmetics bag for the battery pouch and voila – 89% less stressed Charl panicking about not being able to tweet at any given moment and breaking into cold sweats at the fear of missing out. I can now rest assured that should I get stranded anywhere for a long period of time where plug sockets aren’t accessible I can avoid those “I need to go home to charge my phone” moments which threaten to ruin your social life.

I’m mostly looking forward to test driving this during my weekend at the Wireless Festival in Birmingham. The prospect of long days where my phone threatens to be battered by tweeting, gloating Snapchats, photographing and recording of acts and multiple selfie sessions in a field would usually bring me out in “will it last long enough” sweats, but I can rest assured that my phone will be fully charged and all of my festival ready makeup will be good to go for mid set touch ups.

*PR sample provided for review