FASHION || The First Date Outfit


The perfect first date outfit is as hard to find as the perfect date-ee. There’s the pile of potential outfits that wind up covering the bed, the floor, hanging off the doorhandle, the light shade and irrevocably finds me curled into a ball in my best underwear on the floor scrolling through recent fashion blog posts for outfit inspiration.

The waves are dropping out of my carefully coiffed hair (not to mention me repeatedly running my fingers through my ‘do in frustration) and my carefully planned face of make up is beginning to give way under the perspiration which is rolling from my brow.

There’s enough pressure which surrounds a first date…where to go (luckily theres an app to decide that), whether you’re going to like each other when in close quarters for a prolonged duration of time and whether he’ll find your witty anecdotes witty WITHOUT having to worry about the perfect first date make up and the ideal outfit.

Alas, I’m a girl and sometimes it’s these seemingly insignificant details that hold so much significance. First impressions make a lasting impression and I’m willing to put my hands up and admit that I’m a first date outfit judger. Jeans, a nice shirt, a jacket and shoes/smart trainers? Win. Jogging bottoms, battered trainers, a 10 year old Kappa jacket and and an Argos curb chain? I’m texting a friend to do the “something bad happened” phone call or planning the best way to let him down gently without screaming DID YOU GET DRESSED IN THE DARK, THIS IS A FIRST DATE NOT AN EPISODE OF JEREMY KYLE.

It’s this fussiness which leaves me in the foetal position infront of my mirror proclaiming to hate every single item in my wardrobe. My last date I tried on 4 outfits. FOUR. I felt like the gingerlocks of the first dates outfit, one was too hot (short skirt, low cut), one was too cold (all I was missing was a chastity belt) and one made me look like I was out of The Waltons. 

I’ve made the mistake in the past of trying to push the fashion envelope to try and impress a date and because of this I’ve spent the whole date not concentrating on what he’s saying or reading into the subtle body language he was trying to give off because I’ve been too busy fidgeting with a too short skirt or a too tight dress or feeling like everybodies staring at me as though I’m wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

The most important “first date outfit” tip? Be yourself. There’s no point starting off something which may (hopefully) flourish into a relationship trying too hard or not being true to yourself, because ultimately your date is going to be “falling for” for somebody that you’re not. OR on the other foot, he isn’t falling for you because you’re not being yourself.