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Fashionista faux pas that we should all avoid

When it comes to fashion, it’s often as much about feeling confident in the clothes that we wear as it is about the actual brand. Certain individuals may be able to wear the latest catwalk ensembles with pride, whilst others may feel a little over-dressed in such styles.

Choose your wardrobe wisely

 When it comes to revamping your wardrobe, it’s important to choose items that suit both your skin tone and your body shape. It’s also important to consider your age when looking into certain trends. At the age of 20 years young, we may have all been able to pull off this season’s ‘denim shorts’ look which has proved so popular. However, at the age of 40 and above, it might be best to steer clear of such an outfit. However, there are a number of ways to tailor an existing tricky trend to your exact style.

Stop wearing your old work slacks

Regardless of the occasion, even if you’re quite simply nipping out to the shops or over to a friend’s McCarthy and Stone property for afternoon tea, there’s no excuse not to put on a decent pair of jeans or trousers. After all, you never know who you could bump into. Your faded, stained and creased trousers may feel extremely comfortable, but this doesn’t mean they should become your ‘go-to attire’ on a daily basis. Opt instead for an easy-to-maintain yet stylish option and most importantly, make sure the fit is right.

Flaunt it

As we get older, many people will swap the mini skirts for midi skirts and the short shorts for ankle-grazing trousers. What a number of older individuals also tend to do is to begin to wear baggy clothes, thinking that such a style will appear more flattering. However, ill-fitting clothes will actually have the opposite effect and will often make you look up to two sizes bigger than you actually are. You should never be afraid to show off your curves though. Just because you’ve reached a certain age, this doesn’t mean you should opt for dowdy floral skirts and frumpy tops and there are various ways to show off your figure in a timeless and elegant manner.

Too much isn’t always a good thing

Accessories can add a great deal of interest to an otherwise simple outfit. However, too many accessories can create a haphazard look and can detract from the outfit as a whole.

 *collaborative post