FASHION || Cleaning Out My Closet

Over the weekend I was sorting through some old clothes. You know thain the Sex and the City film where Carrie is moving in with Big and *gasp* downsizes her closet? It was a little bit like that.


I’ve one wardrobe and enough clothes to fill three. At least. Most people have clothes in their wardrobe that they want to “slim into” – a pair of too-skinny jeans, a dress that was on sale so they just had to buy it – I don’t have this problem at the minute. My wardrobe is half full of clothes that are too big for me and the clothes I did have to “slim into”, well, they now fit me. (Hurrah for me?)

My initial thoughts would be to bag up those clothes that see no love and take them to a carboot, but its far too rainy and cold to do that (also, have you seen how early you have to be up on a Sunday for that? Ain’t nobody got time for that) and then I discovered that you can actually sell your old clothes online with Music Magpie – from the comfort of your own home at a reasonable hour.

Of course, once I’ve entered all my wares from toasty comfort of my bed sofa I’ll be presented with some lovely dollars, which obviously means I have to buy more clothes, y’know, an eye for an eye and all that…this is what I have my eye on.


F&F Fur Collar Coat // New Look Buckle Ankle Boots // New Look Tapestry Skater Dress // Matalan 70’s Shoeboot Wedges // Matalan Shawl

  • Petra

    definitely hurrah for you :) and yeah car boot sales are a huge bugger to get to!
    really liking the shawl & wedges!!