FASHION || I Can Sing A Rainbow

When you’re picking out an outfit it’s unlikely that you’ll be thinking “I’m going to wear this colour today because this colour means this”. Mood has a massive influence on the type of outfit we choose to adorn our body in. We more often than not we pick out an outfit to suit our mood and don’t so much pick an outfit purely because of the colours, but subconsciously our brain is aligning the different colours of the rainbow with your mood. Remember those 90s mood rings which made a fleeting come back not long ago? Think like that but with your clothes.

I’m all about colour. After spending most of my years wearing 50 Shades of Black and denim, my style evolution and sudden confidence boost left my dipping my brightly polished toes into a rainbow of clothes and I never looked back. Prints? Yes. Brightness? Please. Clashing? You betcha. “It’s very you I’ve had people say as I’ve held up a dress which screams “psychedelic fight with a rainbow and a unicorn”.  I’m just drawn to prints and colour but what would that say about my personality? New Look have released this Colour and Mood visual to help you identify what the clothing you’re picking is saying about you.

Feeling sleek and sophisticated? Monochrome, grey, navy and tailoring. Feeling playful? Brights, patterns and statement jewellery. Feeling sultry? Deep reds, purples and body con. Feeling relaxed? Cool tones, pastels and floaty fabrics.

I wanted to demonstrate the difference that changing colours/prints make by taking two very similiar outfits in terms of the make up of them (playsuit + blazer + sandals + clutch) but using pastel colours for one and brights for another.


Pastel Blue Crepe Oversized Jacket |  White Embellished Skort Playsuit |  Colour Block Open Toed Heels |  Stone Transparent Overlay Clutch

This candy coloured ensemble which uses muted shades of the bright colours I love gives the overall look of an outfit a softer edge and give them a romantic feel. This outfit paired with bright ginger Milk maid plaits, flawless skin, a flush to the cheeks and a rosebud pout.


Parisian Cream Rose Leaf Print Playsuit | Lime Green Longline Blazer | Blue Chunky Strappy Sandals | White Pleat Clutch

This outfit just screams “its summer bitches, lets wear all of the bright colours, drinks cocktails, wear oversized sunglasses and adorn our lips with MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick”. There’s a whole lot of colour clashing in this outfit and the bold blue sandals finish off the look perfectly.

Both of these outfits are currently sitting in my “please bank account magic me some money so I can buy this” and “please god give me long shapely legs a la Beyonce so I can wear playsuits” imaginary shopping basket.

*New Look

  • I always go with red when I feel the need for some confidence.

    • Charl

      I do this with red lipstick, it’s my ultimate confidence trick!

  • annabarry

    Darker hues have been my top color picks recently but now that summer is here I plan to bring in more neons and prints. This is such a helpful tool , thanks for sharing
    Tatianna of Indi(VIS)ual

  • love the name of your shopping basket!!! i don’t wear anything yellow/red/pink with my red hair – how do you find it goes/clashes?

    • Charl

      To be honest I know its naughty but I try to avoid the whole “I can’t wear that colour because it will clash”. I USED to but I got bored of “not being able” to wear certain pieces so now I just throw caution to the wind and wear whatever colours I like – try it! Stick on something bright pink and think “to hell with rules!”